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Stackemup Enneagram Stack descriptions for 9w1 (by Bliss Stream)

so/sx 9w1 

They want to contribute something new and passionate to society, but feel like too much of a social nonentity to do it. They may view themselves as 4ish due to issues around uniqueness, but these issues only arise because of how aware they are that others possess a sense of self, which only reinforces the 9's sense of nothingness....Since they know they lack a strong self, they lack hope about contributing something original. They resolve the quagmire either by spinning their wheels with fruitless and endless self-examination hoping to discover something deep about themselves or by conforming to various personalities and completely checking out. They are dispassionate in general but can seem more passionate, sad, or lively because they comply to a voice in the back of their head telling them how they should react and what's appropriate. They know underneath how internally unaffected they are. They are taken back by the possibilities of things they could imagine happening without stirring a real reaction in them and find it disturbing to think about how they could merge into anything... They can seem 7-like in their draw to books, people, beliefs, and adventures, but they are drawn to these outlets in hopes of receiving a sense of perspective and self. They have a nose for unconscious structures and may create a new language around patterns, themes, or archetypes in myths, traditions, history, and groups. They are easy to mistype because they can seem to run fully on the 'software" or agendas of different types. They may search for approval and validation like a 3, but reject the approval once they get it as if wondering why they would be worthy of admiration or attention in the first place. It's the 'agenda' 'software' itself they are addicted to, not the result.

so/sp 9w1

They deeply care about their community's welfare and get wedded to ideals and dreams in their imagination. They seek out responsible positions in society and infuse the collective unconscious with an antidote against cynicism. They spend their lives fighting off cynicism for the good of the whole. More than anything, they are masters at bridging groups together for the sake of compromise. Every advancement they make is reframed in their stream of conscious as 'we made' "they did" 'we did.' They view the collective as having a responsibility to put an end to poverty and other social ills and get testy when harmony is disrupted by politics and special interests....They hold the 'we" "them" "whole" to high expectations, but they don't feel like enough of an entity to impact the greater good. They look for transformational leaders to merge with...They may try too hard to hint at the similarity between them and whoever they are merged with, sometimes appearing wooden in their drawnout monotone rambling. They identify with compromise and peace to an extent they lack a spine for conflict and seem overtly soft, preferring to leave confrontational action for others...They'll take it on the chin even when the most pragmatic course is to hit they believe that everyone is willing to sacrifice for the sake of harmony. They are shrewd at using their social capital to mobilize others into doing what they lack the motivation to do themselves....They never feel the whole so fully as when people with opposing views compromise. A good compromise helps solve their 'nothingness' issue and fills them with an appreciation for existence...

sp/so 9w1

They are the most persona non gratta 9w1s.... They have a warm, gentle and diplomatic feel about them as if nobody is home. Their presence is wimpy and resigned, but occasionally they might erupt in a burst of gut truth like somebody sliding head first into home plate. They sometimes take testy, tough, and immoveable positions with relatives.... But inevitably resign themselves.They can have an unassuming ambition and fall into depression or bouts of despair not having yet made a mark...They are reliable reporters of what's going on socially and are more stuck to people in their environment than they let on. Unlike sp/sx 9w1, this stack sticks to their routines much longer and more consistently in the details of their activity day in and day out, right down to the conversations they have with people and the inflections and tones they use in their voice. They are the most stabilized 9w1s. They may seem like 5w6 in their scientific orientation. But they are unshakeable idealists when it comes to their sense of duty and social responsibility. They will do what's necessary without fanfare but can seem cool and aloof as if it's all process. They contain a social motor of willpower that lacks self-awareness. This same aloofness can show up as an indifference towards the needs of family members when they are under stress. They see how everything subjective is ultimately swallowed up into nothing, giving them a long, long view of events. They know when they can move the "templates" of reality forward through their unconscious sense for which way the winds are blowing. But in doing so, they still retain the detachment to narrate events as if they weren't the ones moving them.

sp/sx 9w1

They are the eyes and fingers of the universe examining itself. They are most aware of how everyone is connected indirectly through the swamps of psychic muck. They have a sense of adventure and view the world as a playground where they can move beyond the biases of their own ego by learning about the world around them. They learn about themselves by learning about others and they want to grasp every interesting person they encounter at the level of the unconscious....engagement isn't exactly necessary but rather they have an extrasensory decoder for the subconscious... They aren't burdened by social obligations, so their inner aesthetic is a daily source of nourishment. Their internal repose slows things down so they can get a better look and feel for the world around them....they see the textures that others miss and can articulate the texture in a way that taps into the electrical charge of reality. Their convictions and ideals are more personal than sp/so, but also unshakeable. They cobble together their own basic truths without the drag of social responsibility and embrace philosophies as flexible as necessary to accommodate their personal epiphanies...they believe that words and language are imperfect and childish tools to communicate these truths and epiphanies. They feel truth can only be hinted at through aesthetics such as art or film or music. They are drawn to and fascinated by the language of the unspoken and believe this is where all the intentions of life spring.... They view words as primitive and utilitarian, and attune themselves to the subconscious realm (under the spoken word) where it is impossible for people to hide their inner being....They can resemble 5w4s in their grasp for subtlety, but they are working at a more elemental level where nothing is purely true, but nothing is purely not true. All expression is a distortion of the truth that relates to the origin of the cosmos. Every act pertains to "god" "creation" the "singularity." Even people's masks and false propositions are distortions of this truth. They are more interested in the elemental forces that move events rather than the event itself.

sx/so 9w1

They look for people who can spark their passion and help improve them as a person... But once they begin to merge with somebody they are passionate about, they become more hesitant about showing their passion...This may look like disinterest, but it reflects the sensitivity they have to separation. They want to avoid creating memories that could come back to haunt they may often break eye contact or go aloof as a reflex to intense or romantic moments... The more they do this kind of thing, the stronger they feel for the person. This type falls in love easily, but has difficulty falling out of love and prefers not to let themselves fall out of love. They stay in love with the world and people by living inside of their fantasy world where they can maintain a relationship long after it ends....On occasion, reminders may be powerful enough to break through their defenses and remind them of what once was. The longer they put off dealing with their negative feelings, the more they will continue to reexperience breakup years after the dream can force them into a state of melancholy for days on end....They may seek escape through other things like music...They usually have a great ear for music and can learn instruments rather easily, and even compose their own stuff. Their compositions are usually scattered across the board from melancholy to absurd. If they can't find passion through a relationship, they may look alternatively through a cause. They believe in doing the 'right thing' and will protest the "wrong thing." They don't just want connections with people, but a sense of solidarity with those who care deeply about the same issues like they do. They have a soft spot for anything living and defenseless, and can even seem "extreme" or "kooky" in their defense of these things. In spite of it, they retain a shy, sweet, and gentle exterior with a touch of autism.

sx/sp 9w1

This typewingstack embodies the passion of sloth very well. They desire personal development and enlightenment. However, their sloth is always one step ahead of them. They know what they gotta do, but can't summon the motivation to do it. They get more in touch with their own willpower later on in life. They do very well in fields that involve listening and connection so long as they can get their judgmental 1 wing under control. They have less drive for comfort and more drive for intense experiences. These 9s can sit around and have long conversations with people they hardly know in the strangest places and lose themselves in ripples only the 9 is aware of. Their fractured identities can also manifest in their living environment....i.e. some parts could be on the warm and bright side while other parts are plain and unattended to. More than other 9w1s, this 9w1 can virtually run on a fast and scattered autopilot for long periods of time with virtually no productive activity. Depression and self-destruction is not uncommon. They are most attuned to the sense that underneath all the things they know they have to do and attain, there is an essential nothingness at the core of existence, even of their own 'identity', and this only further locks them into their narcolepsy. Afterall, becoming awake would bring them to terms with this nothingness and that's not something they want to confront. They don't usually have a social network to fall back on. They idealize connections to such an extent that finding a friend is like searching for a needle in a haystack.... They can wind up feeling completely numb, lost, lonely, and longing for a blissful sense of completion that can only come from a relationship. Perhaps this is why no 9w1 is more pushy and assertive when it comes to merging. When they do, it's as if they are totally blind to any boundary between themselves and the other. As they get older, they can grow more guarded and less excited/open to the flow of experience.

Enneagram Descriptions

Type 2 

Twos are sociable, energetic and friendly people who strive to be loved and approved of. They want to be needed and seen as indispensable in the lives of others. They have given up on their desire for mirroring because it wasn't given to them in childhood. So they seek love by giving others the mirroring that they were deprived of. Twos aren't wired to compromise/negotiate/bargain with the world in order to do so, though, but attempt to seductively maneuver others into a spot of dependence, maintaining themselves in the willful position. 

Twos are other-directed. They are unable to approve of themselves internally therefore approval and validation has to be bestowed upon them by others. As a result, Twos turn their attention outwards and have difficulty forming an identity that is separate from other people. This “other-directed tendency” makes Twos vulnerable to the dispositions of other people but also gives them sensitivity for the thoughts and feelings of those they seek the approval of. It also gives them a vigilance for possible rejection. Ultimately, they want to win people over and are on the look-out for signs of indifference. Indifference is something that Twos hate as they interpret emotional neutrality as rejection.

Twos often have a religious orientation. Religion stimulates the Twos idealized self-image of somebody saint-like, loved and adored by the world for their deeds. Religion also offers an avenue by which Twos can be more helpful in the lives of others. It gives Twos a way to convey that they are good intentioned people as well as encourages others to support the view that Twos are indeed self-sacrificing. Twos repress their own needs in order to maintain a positive image of themselves as unselfish, helpful, nurturing, and good. Twos often like to talk about their good intentions in conversation. Other people are needy and dependent in the Two’s view, not them.

Twos are people-pleasers. They adapt themselves to others in the anticipation that they will be rejected if they do not and approach interpersonal relations through “maneuvers.” They become artful in the “seductive ploy.” Such ploys are designed to elicit love, attention and approval. Twos also engage in an unconscious form of competition with individuals of the same sex. 

Twos are assertive. They are not meek and don’t sit around passively waiting for people to show up with approval in hand. In fact, they have a strong will when it comes to getting what they want. Often, they look for situations and people they can cheer on. They sometimes display a great deal of brashness in the service of courting approval. They are action-oriented, while still primarily emotional, and take the initiative to fill voids where they can be indispensable. Twos are often brash in conversation as well with love running through their thoughts as a constant theme. They tend to pry for secrets and look for opportunities where they can give advice to others, even where the Two has no more than general advice to give. All that really matters is that the Two be appreciated for giving the advice.

Twos will often “relationship-hop”. The Two may successfully win somebody over only to reveal a lack of internal prompting about what to do once the relationship moves into a more serious phase. Because they are so outer-directed, their inner world tends to lack substance and complexity, often rendering them uncertain or confused when things get serious. This can often cause them to connect with others in only a facile and fickle way. Like all image types, there is a disparity between their inner world and the outer impression they give. And Twos express this disparity more than the other image types. In the inner world, they remain na├»ve and immature. But their external presentation has a pretense of being deeper and complex. Twos deal with this disparity through repression. They don't let their own emptiness enter their mind. And once the person they are in a relationship with starts to catch onto their lack of depth, Twos look for new relationships to hop into in order to keep the truth about their emptiness hidden from others and, more importantly, from themselves.

Twos are superficial. They overdo their affect to an extent that their displays of affection can come across as smooth and glib. They start to snowball people about their feelings and use expression to amplify their connections to people. The positive is a feeling they exaggerate and the negative is a feeling they underplay. Twos may also utilize words and phrases that happen to be in fashion or to convey an impression of substance. Their orientation towards sensory detail and knowledge tends to be impressionistic and highly subjective. Very often these impressions are infused with the Two’s own repressed hostility and neediness, often disguising a lack of any real thought or curiosity.

The passion of type Two is pride. Twos use pride to cover the hole in their self-worth. The pride is essentially an over-exaggerated sense of self-worth based on what the Two provides to others.  Perhaps we can turn to a post from a real life type Two to illuminate the inner experience of pride:

[I]The verbal representation of the feeling goes like this: "I'm so great, they couldn't manage without me." There's a bloated/inflated feeling to it... imagine a water balloon and you're on the right track. You can see why it's so important not to recognize the meaning of the feeling. The inner illusion of humility is the crucial "ticket" that gives the 2 permission to keep feeling prideful.[/I]

Twos are manipulative. One way that Twos try to bloat up their sense of worth is by “collecting” needy people that they can rescue. In some cases the Two may try to manipulate adults who aren’t needy into occupying the role of children who are. It’s not uncommon for Twos to pick up hitchhikers or build relationships with the homeless. It’s not that other types never do such things, but with prideful Twos, their entire sense of worth and importance depends on doing it. Twos often seek to mold a network around them. The Two will positions themselves at the center of the network, serving all the needs of others in return for an endless stream of adulation and love. Twos may be quite skilled at eliciting the admiration of others while not giving much of their own in return. Twos begin to think of themselves as the most important thing in the lives of the people they have “sacrificed” so much of themselves for and they feel threatened by signs of independence or ego from others. When Twos sense that people are making shows of independence, they will call attention to it.

Twos are enabling. They develop an “enabling tendency” and expect others to reciprocate by doing what the Two wants. The main thing is that Twos are out to enable others if it will strengthen that person’s dependency on the Two. This only prompts further rejection and leads Twos into openly demanding that people love them back. They start to encroach on people’s boundaries and try to coerce them into doing things that will reflect back the Two’s own sense of importance. Twos get bossy. However, when the Two does receive love and approval, they tend to get little satisfaction out of it since they wonder whether people would have done the same without the Twos’ prompting.  Twos still believe that their intentions are good. If Twos were to view their intentions as bad, then they would not feel their actions are justifiable.

Unhealthy Twos are masochistic. They manipulate people into keeping all their attention on them, even if the Two brings harm upon themselves in exchange for the attention. Twos grow more co-dependent and increasingly possessive of intimates. Twos are the most co-dependent personality type conditioning themselves to withstand as much abuse as the environment can throw at them. By withstanding abuse they see themselves as doing others a "noblesse oblige" service, on a deeper level assuming that abuse indicates how important they are to their abusers, which becomes another source of pride. To the extent that a two takes pride in their ability to let others abuse them, the two will go out of their way to court such abuse.

Healthy Twos are emotionally honest. They let go of their positive self-image and realize that their own actions have been selfish. This leads Twos into a more genuine ability to help people unconditionally. They come to view that they aren’t going to just ride in and save the day. They also recognize that not everybody needs their help and that people are not as needy as the Two assumes. They gain a sense of boundaries. Healthiness for Twos also gives them an ability to appraise themselves independently and to recognize their own worth. Approval is not something that has to be gained but exists naturally and independently of outer approval is what Twos realize.

2w1s are altruistic. They strongly embody the servant aspect of type Two and feel a strong sense to volunteer themselves for the welfare of others. They often disdain ‘ownership’ and ‘greed’ and are drawn to work in the healing, helping, or sometimes legal professions. 

2w1s are serious. They are more restrained in their emotional expression, sometimes spock-like, but not as a rule, and tend to get things done. They have more common sense and practical survival skills than 2w3s. They are also driven by more guilt and self-criticism than 2w3s and don’t go after what they want as manipulatively, or connect with people as easily, often preferring to work behind the scenes or in an independent capacity. They don’t get distracted by frivolous pursuits.

2w1s can often get argumentative and be outspoken. They are rigid in their views and more critical of other peoples’ actions. They can overreact when rules are unfair, take their marbles and go home.  They give moral credence to their feelings, “it’s the right thing to do”, and will start to talk at people rather than to them. They can be punitive and are quicker to reject people for calling their good intentions into question. However, such separations are often just temporary.

3w2s are charming. They exude feel-good vibes, are hyperactive, and can seem nervous around issues that pertain to validation. They are more prone to temper tantrums.They know how to sell people on their desirability. They can turn moods and feelings on like a light switch, knowing what will garner them attention. A master at reading others' needs, they can project feeling-states on cue.

2w3s are fickle. They can be histrionic attention-seekers. They seek out stimulation on a constant basis and they try to impress and amuse people, seeking to sell and market themselves, and they engage people as if they were trying to fill a bottomless pit within themselves. They seem caring, have a softer touch and look for ways to please others as a way to court admiration. They constantly perform and enjoy the spotlight. They can be prone to exaggerated overconfidence and extreme forms of workaholism

2w3s are coquettes. Giving others gifts or simply their attention is their main form of generosity. They have more awareness for image and tend to strongly embody the seductive aspect of type Two. They like to flatter and stroke people’s egos more than the other wing does and 2w3s often do it indiscriminately and on occasions not suited for it, but can go hot and cold, very often compartmentalizing their connections.

2w3s are clingy. When less healthy, they don’t just let go of relationships or take rejection easily. If rejected, their focus can escalate to the point of stalking and harassing. They may spy on people or show up in unexpected places. They can become obsessed with individuals, sometimes consumed by a destructive jealousy.


Threes are self-validating. Twos seek external validation from others. 

Fours dwell in their inner worlds. Twos usually avoid it.

Fives are detached. Twos are emotionally expressive.

Six vigilance scans for danger. Two vigilance scans for rejection. 

Seven hedonism is unrestrained. Two hedonism is well-mannered.

Both eights and twos are energetic and assertive. However, the assertiveness of type two does not run on an aggressive mind. Eights are aggressive-minded. The two energy and assertiveness works more in the service of volunteering and sacrificing themselves to others. 

Twos are assertive in their other-seeking. Nines are fatalistic in their other-seeking.

Ones are more focused on principle. Twos focus more on people.

Type Three

Threes are independent. They have a goal-oriented nature and a drive towards self-determination. They are tough, resilient competitors who rely mainly on themselves to bounce back from set backs. The core distortion of the three is that they are superior beings for whom admiration is their due. Thus, their naturally high self-esteem is based on an unrealistic assumption about their worth.

Threes are self-confident. They have a self-assured quality. As a result of their confidence,  they trust others and take a positive view towards the future. They cultivate a can-do attitude and channel their confidence into action and accomplishment. 

Threes are competitive. They are hungry to seek out the admiration that they believe others owe them. They have the "eye of the tiger." They rely on their natural confidence to bounce back from any setback. 

Threes are exhibitionist. With successes under their belt, they turn away from their focus on accomplishment and resort to self-promotion and showing off. They look to have their qualities admired. They want to be in the spotlight as much as possible. They find subtle and not so subtle ways to represent themselves as winners. They use their accomplishments to court attention, admirers, and "VIP" benefits.

Three are cocky. The admiration they receive through success cements their own cocksure belief of their superiority. They start to give others the impression that it's a pleasure to do business with the three as if others ought to be willing to take less just to have that luxury. Their former self-confidence is replaced by arrogance. They have begun to rationalize their failures. They spend a lot of time making their failures seem like successes. 

Threes are egotistical. They start to view their non-admirers with contempt and don’t feel they should have to win people over or impress them. They begin to live more in fantasy to get away from all the non-admirers they have in reality. They give themselves rights off limits to other mortals. They exercise whatever power they might have in outrageous ways, one-upping others with their special privileges.

Threes are expansive. As they sink more into their fantasy world, their goals and self-image become more expansive. They weave together new fantastic rationales for their circumstances in order to recast themselves as the star. They exaggerate their own powers and come up with intricate rationalizations to feed their self-worth. They put others on notice that they are a superior being and that admiration is their due, that others need to be rolling out the red carpet for them. 

Threes are self-aggrandizing. At bottom, their positive outlook is a thin veneer for a despairing life. Threes have no true relation to others and their overconfidence is pierced by reminders of their failings and falseness at every turn. Now having suffered persecution from non-admirers, threes believe they have confirmation of their importance, of their greatness. They put themselves on the pedestal of a messianic figure. They have a sense that history begins and ends with them, as if the transition from b.c. to a.d. occurred at some benchmark in the three's life such as raking in the first million dollars. 

Unhealthy Threes are narcissistic. Their grandiosity is flagrant, maintained by disdain for reality, since reality is full of people who don’t share the threes' high sense of worth. Psychopathic revenge equates to a last ditch effort by threes to assert their superiority.  

When healthy, Threes come to the realization that alone they are absent and are not ever going to be somebody unless they reach out to others and make genuine connections. Threes start to respect others, value other people’s opinions, and put a check on their fantasies. Healthy threes are also able to look at and question their own self-belief of being a superior individual. 

3w2s are gamesmen. Gamesmanship is a stable trait of the 3w2's personality that makes them able competitors in pretty much whatever they set their mind on doing. They don't necessarily have to possess any experience in the field they are competing at in order to win. They compensate for their lack of knowledge with gamesmanship, an art that 3w2s have an innate knowledge of. 

3w2s are motivators. They how to get a crowd pumped up. They easily fit the mold of a television personality or super salesperson. 

3w2s are political. They know how to work and charm people. They often do well in politics and are good at marketing a brand or idea to people. No other type can represent a belief in the type of overly confident outrageous fashion that the 3w2 can. 

3w2s are braggarts. They are loud and proud about their accomplishments and positive qualities. They have an itch to brag and impress about all of the seemingly great things they have done. Their hyper-real self-promotion can make them seem unreal. 

3w2s are super-competitive. When their past accomplishments are questioned, they launch into an invective of personal attacks. They are ultra-competitive towards anybody who even remotely expresses a disfavor able opinion towards them. Their modus operandi is to seize upon a small flaw of their opponent and blow it up into a gross mischaracterization of who that person is. They want to outshine everybody. 

3w4s are self-improvers. They like to be seen as desirable and strive to embody the attributes that others admire. They are status-conscious, status-driven, and efficient. They want to be the best in the shortest time possible. To do that, 3w4s must disengage emotionally and invest all their energy into improving themselves in order to fit an image that others will admire. 

3w4s are calculated. They network and play the “game”. They adapt with the circumstances, build coalitions, compete prosocially, trade favors, try to perfect and fill up their resumes, and begin to cut corners in order to advance inside of social hierarchies, always with an eye on their next ‘move.’ 3w4s don’t want to leave anything to chance. They focus on technique, performance, delivery and results.

3w4s are compensatory. They focus extensively on their awards or trophies, admire themselves in the “mirror” to confirm their own desirability. At this point, they are more aroused by the thought of themselves and their achievements rather than by others and look to exploit sex and other interactions with people entirely as a way to worship and self-aggrandize the mask they are lost in.


Threes are self-validating. Twos seek external validation from others. 

Threes disengage from their emotions. Fours dwell in their emotions and pain.

Threes expect admiration from others. Fives are okay with not even being seen. 

Accusation by a Six is driven by the projection of guilt onto another. Accusation by a Three is purely goal-oriented. Furthermore, sixes don't get self-aggrandizing when they believe others are persecuting them. Threes do, seeing their persecution by others as proof of their greatness. 

Sevens subvert the times. Threes present themselves as a paragon for the times.

Some threes can be dominating and therefore easy to confuse with eights. For threes, dominance is a means of showing off and courting admiration. For 8s, dominance is an end in itself. In conflict, Threes lose ground because they get tied up trying to defend their past accomplishments, before they go back on the attack. An eight will stay more on the offensive without having to step out of the action to self-promote. Eights don't have that super-competitive itch to brag and trash talk that threes do. Contrast Donald Trump and Muhammad Ali who are both 3w2s with Saddam Hussein or Frank Sinatra who were 8s. 

Nines are modest. Threes are egotistical.

Threes stand by their goals through thick and thin. Ones stand by their convictions through thick and thin.

Type Four
(n/a due to author's withholding)

[B]Type Five[/B]

Fives are a shy, introverted, unconventional, and detached type. Their fixation is pitted in the head center where they spend an excessive amount of time in the mental realm out of a fear that they don't have enough inner resources to deal with the world. The five's main passion is avarice. Fives collect and withhold information and withhold themselves outwardly in order to focus their energy on building up and preserving their inner life, conserving their energy in the anticipation they will need it to confidently deal with fluke circumstances.

Fives are self-sufficient. They don’t like to be a burden on others and have little difficulty solving their own problems. Since fives don’t need to include other people into their problems, fives prefer that neither side intrude on the other. Some fives expect this to be intuitively understood and that others not need fives and the fives will take care of their own needs. Fives may like to be there in a way that family or friends want, but often find the demands too much. Fives just can’t deliver the relatability that people usually want from them. They often don't engage well in the give and take of relationships as a result of the fives' withholding.

Fives are indifferent. Fives can often be experienced by others as insensitive to relationships whereas the five simply doesn't gain much satisfaction from them due to the fives' inner absorption. Most often, fives will tell you just what they think and won't agree to agree. Fives may not be aware, or 'pressingly' aware of the importance they have to the people the five doesn't take much interest in, but fives have the observational abilities to become mentally aware of the importance they have to others. However, it wouldn't change much. Fives will still tend to fall back on their lack of interest in spite of their awareness.

Fives are asocial. They tend to lack the ability, desire or intent to relate and are often absorbed in nonsocial outlets. Hence, social detachment is a defining aspect of the five style. The five's social detachment is not due to any need or interpersonal sensitivity. It's simply a result of their natural place of comfort in the mind. Due to their self-sufficiency the intellect of this style isn't distorted in the service of needing to prove their intelligence. They always have credible sources to back up their assertions with. Characteristic for them, more simply, is to never say anything dumb, unintelligent, imprecise. Nevertheless when life throws curveballs at them the energy they suddenly have at their fingertips also spills into a more expressive, prosocial manner. For the moment they step into the action so as to see the resolution through before retreating back into the dark wilderness of their mind.

Fives are conceptualizers. Fives are often passively resistant, vague or day-dreamy when it comes to real life decisions, and seem to prefer spending time inside of their cerebral landscape. The fives' cerebral landscape is like a world of their own. Hence fives can have a certain obliviousness towards reality and a tendency to get lost in thought. They often have a life history of observing and collecting information that has little to no practical value. 

Fives are distant. It's not important for fives that they be seen. Distance gives fives the capacity to observe their surroundings without the interference of feeling.  Fives find more pleasure in their mind. To maintain this distance, fives stay detached and have an interest in avoiding intimacy with others. As a result, fives are outside the action and removed from others. The fives' preference for distance can also lead to the five experiencing a gulf between self and body. Fives are prone to a disembodied state.

Fives are apathetic. Emotions rarely run intense. Fives tend not to express any sort of strong emotion or anxiety, either positive or negative. An apathy shows up in the physiological stunting of coordination and vitality. As a result, fives can get clumsy, dry, boring, monotonous, stoic and unmoved by stuff that often ruffles others' feathers or has a big impact on the world outside the fives' mind. Likewise, Fives are hard to influence, are unaroused by rejection, and lack an ability to adapt or adjust with their surroundings. Fives may simply develop a formal and impersonal style of engagement with others, and they grow increasingly imperceptive when it comes to observing the world around them.

Unhealthy fives are schizoid. For all the knowledge they have gathered, they nevertheless wind up impoverished in feeling due to the tendency towards withholding and inability to relate. They have little experience or feeling to draw from. They also wind up impoverished in thought and have a difficulty making nuanced distinctions. They become "senile," seclusive, and unresponsive to others as well as unaffected by emotional stimulus. They only skim the surface of reality and very often miss important 'components' and tend to blur the lines of perception between different categories. This "dulled perception" can be characterized as a manifestation of nihilism. Fives are the true loners of the enneagram and the least healthiest fives often wind up living a shut-in existence on the fringes of society.

Healthier fives are better able to bridge the gap between themselves and others. They have an easier time giving time to the people they care about and receiving love from others. They also use their perceptive minds to make meaningful personal or intellectual contributions. Fives also just have a very sincere quality with little capacity for manipulation. They often act how they feel. When they act happy, they feel happy. When they act angry, they feel angry. If they don’t think they should be feeling a certain way, they can come down hard on themselves. But nevertheless they will feel it, and act it.

5w6s are comprehensive. They want to acquire all the knowledge they can so that they can arrive at a more comprehensive theory about the world. They often delight in 'big ideas' and inventing concepts/interpretations that keep reality aligned with their mental landscape. 5w6s become passively unmoved by the parts of reality that don't conform to their ideas and theories. 5w6s start to treat the people in their lives like 'bulletin boards' for them to pin their ideas on. They get more pushy when it comes to their data collection. They cut off from their regular interactions with others in order to keep their collection in full swing. They are most often triggered by people who could get in the way of their ability to collect data. They start to interact with people as if reality conformed to the fives' ideas and the five was just there to enlighten others.

5w4s are antagonistic. They often know a lot more about stuff than most others and become strongly identified with their mind. They begin to act in a more condescending and dismissive way towards people who they disagree with, feel are just parroting ideas, committing logical fallacies, appealing to emotion, or not really putting much thought into their words.  They get intellectually provocative and delight in demolishing conventionally held ideas even if they don't actually believe in their position. On the other hand, if the five feels that somebody is being abusive towards their environment, they won't hesitate to make that person look stupid. They have a “compulsion to disagree often” even before the five knows if they actually agree with their own opinion or not.  Instead the five will hold their position or get the other person to talk more about their position while the five finds a fault in it.


Fives are detached. Twos are emotionally expressive.

Threes like to be admired by others. Fives are okay with not even being seen. Threes collect data ultimately to accomplish something big. Fives collect data to more confidently prepare themselves for life. Threes cut more corners when it comes to collecting data. Fives get stuck in the collection phase.

Fours are more comfortable with their own emotions than fives.

Five autonomy is based in detachment. Six autonomy is based in distrust.

Fives can’t sustain an on the go pattern like a Seven can and are more precise in what they say than Sevens.

Both fives and eights are cunning. However, the cunning of fives utilizes better foresight than eights have and tries to exert power more through remote control. This difference boils down to the fact that fives are vulnerable to intimidation. Eights are not. 

Fives are more certain. Nines doubtful. 

Fives are dispassionate. Ones are passionate and use logic more to justify their convictions. Logical Ones turn logic into an ideal that they try to be perfect at, to be perfectly logical represents the idealism of type one more than it does the fixation of five. Furthermore, fives often collect information that has no real practical value in the outside world. Ones are more practical and achievement oriented in that regard, and conscientious about being productive. 

Type Six

Sixes are self-protective. Self-protection is the six's logical choice in a world that they believe is a dangerous place. The core distortion of the Six is that they will be mistreated in some way (i.e. harmed, controlled, subjugated, conned...).

Sixes are distrustful. It's a dangerous world out there for them, or so they believe, and as a result they don't like the idea of having to depend on anybody else. Sixes are especially distrustful of people that have power over them, those in positions of authority.

Sixes are prepared. Since they are fundamentally distrustful, they have to keep vigilant. They are on the lookout for surprise attacks or deceptions. They maintain a fixed level of preparedness most of the time. They are on guard, ready to meet any real or imagined threat with a counterattack or pre-emptive strike.

Sixes are fearful. As sixes want to keep vigilant, fear heightens their antennae for threats and influences their conscious mind to stay on the lookout for dangers. At the same time, fear can vastly distort the way that sixes perceive people and events, even if the six does not have direct experience of the fear itself.

Sixes are autonomous. They want to live their life with no strings attached to anybody. They like playing a lone hand. They self-protect by cutting ties and dread having to depend on others. They rely on sarcasm and hostility to keep people at a distance.

Sixes are adverserial. They develop limits/norms and "lines" in the sand that others either cross or don't cross. They develop an inner alarm bell that lets them know when one of these lines has been crossed as well as warn them as to future catastrophes. Once somebody crosses it, the six will work tirelessly to bring that person down. 

Sixes are defensive. The six may forestall buying a car in favor of riding the bus every day to work because they think that car salesmen are bound to cheat them. If the six is being asked a question, the six can think that the question is intended to trap them into an undesirable spot, so in defense, the six may phobically lie or counterphobically state a bold opinion.  

Sixes are projecting. Others/groups become screens by which the six projects their feelings of being mistreated or harmed onto at the hands of, not ironically, the same person/entity/government the six themselves feel mistreated or harmed by. To this end sixes can be tireless crusaders on behalf of the little guy or at the other extreme, social/political demagogues.

Unhealthy sixes are paranoid. Suspicion turns deadly. They have begun to isolate themselves through distance, as a means of preparing to fend off any attack and dealing with their suspicions. Isolation, in turn, has only reinforced their suspicions. They get secretive and obsessive about their anonymity and fanatical about their privacy. They brood in isolation over dark thoughts and build up invalid constructions of reality. They often split reality into us versus them dichotomies. They distort the world through a highly subjective lens of "hidden meanings." They insist on connections between unconnected facts. They frequently misread cues from others in order to reinforce the belief that they are indeed being persecuted and depicted in an unfair light.

Healthy sixes are trusting and courageous. They overcome their issues with trust in order to form meaningful relationships. They find the courage to engage life and act in the face of their anxiety.

6w5s are authoritarian. They alleviate their distrust of authority by trying to acquire the power to make one's self an authority and occupy positions of command. This is an attempt by the 6w5 to overcome their fear of being harmed and subjugated by becoming the dominator. 

6w5s are systems-oriented. They are drawn to traditional power structures and hierarchies. They engage in more "grid thinking" but turn a distrustful eye onto the systems that they are a part of. The belief in a system that's out to mistreat them can easily push them into conspiracy-mindedness and seeing cover-ups everywhere. They build straw man arguments and seize upon flimsy facts to justify their conspiracies.

6w5s are sadistic. When deeply paranoid, authoritarian aggression becomes the 6w5's favored form of self-protection, sadism being an obvious manifestation of the sixes' drive to defend against mistreatment.

6w7s are ingratiating. Introjection gives them an ability to key into the needs and values of others in order to adjust their thinking to resemble that of the person who they want to ingratiate with.

6w7s are impetuous. They work on very fractional information. Once they identify the perceived danger, there is no time to waste, no time for investigation. They don't like details. As a result, their contraphobic strikes and phobic flirtations are more impulsive and less thought out.

6w7s are self-defeating. Their rashness often causes them to act quick to disarm perceived threats. They often do so at the expense of undermining themselves, or, in the extreme, provoking others into behaving in the way that the six had anticipated they would.

6w7s are volatile. When deeply paranoid, lashing out becomes the 6w7's favored form of self-protection.


Six vigilance scans for danger. Two vigilance scans for rejection. 

Accusation by a Six is driven by the projection of guilt onto another. Accusation by a Three is purely goal-oriented. Furthermore, sixes don't get self-aggrandizing when they believe others are persecuting them. Threes do, seeing their persecution by others as proof of their greatness. 

Five autonomy is based in detachment. Six autonomy is based in distrust.

Sixes are adversarial. Sevens are subversive. 

Six aggression is defensive. Eight aggression is offensive. Eights are out of touch with vulnerability. Sixes use anger to cover up their vulnerability when they are counterphobic. For sixes, dominance is a means of self-protection. For eights, dominance is an end in itself. For Sixes, dominance is a means of having the power to defend themselves against others either preemptively or in response to an attack.

Sixes seek safety. Nines seek support. 

One vigilantism is driven by idealism. Six vigilantism is driven by self-protection.

Type 7

Sevens are subversive. The core distortion of the seven is that "God" is against them, and vice-versa, that they are against "God." God can be understood here as anything that seeks to inhibit one's nature. Thus doing whatever one wants ("freedom") becomes the basis for the seven's self-esteem. 

Sevens are rebellious. One who stands against God can be nothing but. They march to their own beat and have an opinion on everything assuming that what feels right to their body must be right. They intend to shape their environment in a way that suits their desires. They live the life they want to live regardless of whether it is right or wrong. They are more naturally in rebellion from/against the establishment and have an easy time persuading others to act and think in a way different. 

Sevens are hedonistic. Rebellion manifests through the striving of immediate gratification of one's impulses. They always want to cheat the present moment for more pleasure. They habitually put their wants ahead of their needs believing they can always make up for it later on. 

Sevens are thrill-seekers. Closely associated to hedonism is thrill-seeking or risk-taking. Sevens typically don't do or say anything that would detract from thrills. They aren't as concerned with foresight since there is more risk in letting the chips fall where they may. They prefer to live in a way that doesn't look past the next bend in the road. They also don't look behind them to see what damage they may have caused as that would also minimize the risk of what tomorrow may hold. 

Sevens are exuberant. Activity expresses their freedom of movement. They stay on the move in search of greener pastures so as to stay on the run from deeper pain. They impatiently seek to realize their dreams rather than sit around dreaming about it. At all costs, they don't want to be immobilized. Their exuberance is a defense against a deeper depression. 

Sevens are gluttonous. Gluttony expresses their freedom of choice. They like to have a large variety to pick from and would rather try all the choices than just get confined to one. The 7's gluttony is like a "roving eye" as if to bely their insatiable desire to consume everything in sight with no restriction on how the seven will take it.  This can also manifest as increased spending. They want to stimulate a continuous high as if they were riding a rollercoaster through life. They want to fill themselves with more of life and a wide variety of experiences.

Sevens are unrestrained. Lack of restraint expresses their freedom to act out. Some sevens deny themselves the ability to say 'no' and begin to buy whatever suits their eye only to let it collect dust after they bring it home. They may max out their credit cards without any real idea of how they will pay for it. They may look for 'easy scores' and shortcuts, so that they don't have to get tied down into a niche. They may have infantile reactions or talk excessively. They often overestimate their physical body's ability to handle greater quantities of consumption and start to go overboard. They routinely act out. They blurt out all their most private feelings. They express their thoughts forcefully. They use directness to shock others. They vent their urges out at their audience without constraint.  

Unhealthy Sevens are chaotic. They are violently impulsive towards any restriction and have no regard for consequences. Rather than run the 'gauntlet,' they aim to destroy it and bring about a sense of disorder that will ensure their freedom. 

Healthier sevens are committed. They develop a more continuous sense of past and present instead of just shedding off the past at every turn without second thought. They bring enjoyment and delight into the lives of others. They are more moderate and sober in their appetites. 

7w6s are mercurial. Their quick fluctuations in mental state can cause pain and hurt to the same people the 7w6 reveres. They have every intention of being a certain way or keeping a certain promise, but are unable to sustain those intentions as their gluttonous appetites crowd out their intentions with new thought and actions. 

7w6s are versatile. They like to be where the action is and channel their minds towards excitement with a rapid and continuous style of thinking. They tend to be sponges when it comes to picking up and synthesizing information and very often they have a jack of all trades quality that gives them enough resources to land on their feet. In the darkest moments of people's lives sevens can often be the breath of fresh air or humor that makes the time pass by less painfully.

7w6s are wishful. They believe in their "bag of gold." The "bag of gold" is the promise that their fortunes will fall out of the sky one day and let them backtrack to make up for time lost. They unconsciously project this promise onto all of their interactions, from friends, to work, to life in general. 

7w8s are greedy. They see life more in zero sum terms and focus the most on the big picture believing that all the smaller elements will naturally fall into place. They trivialize and mess with people more and often have a solid instinct for utilizing others in new and sometimes ingenuous ways. They use faster strikes to throw competitors' advantages off balance and keep things more in flux.

7w8s are exploitative. They only get involved with groups or situations simply for the opportunity to exploit something for their own benefit. A "hit and run" approach manifests in all areas of their life. 7w8s have been known to relocate to different parts of the country, opening scam businesses and using their general knowledge to attract investors. Once they hit their mark, they will just pack up and hit the road, or find a new alias. If they have access to a large sum of money, the temptation may be too difficult for them to resist skipping town with it, regardless of who the money belongs to. 

7w8s are silver-tongued. They often act like they are authorities on almost any topic, sometimes seeming vague, deceptive or untruthful in their silver-tongued ability. They don't ask questions because that would be an admission of ignorance and they find advice demeaning. They act like an "expert" on subjects they only have a vague knowledge on. 

7w8s are conning. They develop a strong pride in being able to take what they want by duping others and can no longer resist temptations. Perhaps what is less known about sevens is that the duping of others can occur in the realm of ideas. They can take a certain pride in getting somebody like a peacemaker to go along with a completely ridiculous idea. They are machiavellian 'tacticians' with a focus on the easy score. They refuse to live conventional lives or work conventional jobs. They can easily turn to crime with the rationalization that resorting to illegal activity is the quickest way to live according to their rightful lifestyle. Or another 7 might rationalize that they had no say in creating the laws, therefore they have no obligation to obey it.


Seven hedonism is unrestrained. Two hedonism is well-mannered.

Sevens rebel against the times. Threes present themselves as a paragon for the times.

Recklessness for a four is an end. Recklessness for a seven is a means for seeking thrills.

Fives can’t sustain an on the go pattern like a Seven can and are more precise in what they say than Sevens.

Sixes are adversarial. Sevens are subversive.  Sevens focus on options. Eights focus on leverage. Furthermore, dominance is an end in itself for Eights. For Sevens, dominance is a means of having the power to subvert and rebel, to undo society, so to speak. 

Rebelling is a way of life for Sevens. Nines vacillate between conformity and rebellion. 

Sevens are comfortable with chaos. Ones are comfortable with order.

Type Eight

Eights are power-oriented. In the eight's might makes right view of the world, power is the one course open for them. 

Eights are independent. Since the eight is power-oriented, they rely on themselves to make things happen in life. They are pro-active and like feeling masterful. 

Eights are ambitious. Because they like feeling masterful, it's not enough for the eight to just exercise power, but rather, to exercise power masterfully. 

Eights are willful. Needless to say that since the eight is engaged in wielding the power they have, taking the power that others have and holding onto the power that others want to take from them, this is a naturally assertive and dominant character, one that is not vulnerable to intimidation. They are the least squeamish type and have the stomach for anything. 

Eights are aggressive. Since eights are fundamentally independent, being assertive is not a good to an eight unless it is for their own benefit. Therefore, the assertiveness of type eight runs on an aggressive mind. Distinct from just outwardly aggressive behavior, the eight's aggressive mind is the key instrumentality in their exercise of power. 

Eights are animalistic. In order to keep the aggressive mind free from any principle or legal/ethical constraint, the eight's psyche employs the psychological mechanism known as denial. Denial keeps the eight out of touch with vulnerability and the experience of being human. Weakness is like a pit of despair that eights are wired to avoid falling into. They don't have to make a conscious effort at not falling into it. 

Eights are action-oriented. Having sloughed off so many human needs, they are heavily focused on the prosecution of their own ends. They are not introspective. They are self-disciplined and tough enough that they don't even have a need to seek out external validation for their toughness. 

Eights are cunning. Since they are not constrained by truth or principle, they can cultivate an impression of good intentions in order to camouflage the excesses of their power orientation. They pull strings so as to masterfully exercise power even over the consequences of exercising power. 

Eights are controlling. When eights seek to control the environment its not because they fear being harmed or fear being controlled, but because controlling others gives them the leverage to wield a greater degree of power. Through power comes control and through control more power is wielded. 

Eights are dominating. Now with the control they have, the possibilities for wielding power in an even more masterful way become realistic. The lust to realize these possibilities sets into motion the total objectification of the people they have control over.  

Eights are punitive. Because the eight has objectified the people they have control over, they will use force and other ruthless means to maintain dominance and ensure compliance to their will. Since the eight is out of touch with vulnerability, they do not experience remorse or guilt for their use of force.   

Unhealthy eights are dictatorial. Having established rule through fear, they are willfully cruel and self-serving in their use of power, acting with total impunity not out of any interpersonal sensitivity or spite but just because they have the might to do so. 

8w7s are adventurous and subversive. The impatience of the 7 wing combines with the 8's power-orientation to make for an individual who is always on the move in the conquest of more territory. They exercise power through more subversive means.

8w9s are consolidating and traditional. The inertness of the 9 wing combines with the 8's power-orientation to make for an individual who is heavily involved in the consolidation of their own territory. They exercise power through more traditional means.


Both eights and twos are energetic and assertive. However, the assertiveness of type two does not run on an aggressive mind. Eights are aggressive-minded. The two energy and assertiveness works more in the service of volunteering and sacrificing themselves to others. 

Some threes can be dominating and therefore easy to confuse with eights. But for threes, dominance is a means of showing off and courting admiration. For 8s, dominance is an end in itself. In conflict, Threes lose ground because they get tied up trying to defend their past accomplishments, before they go back on the attack. An eight will stay more on the offensive without having to step out of the action to self-promote. Eights don't have that super competitive itch to brag and trash talk that threes do.  Contrast Donald Trump and Muhammad Ali who are both 3w2s with Saddam Hussein or Frank Sinatra who were 8s. 

Eights are action-oriented. Fours are introspective. 

Both fives and eights are cunning. However, the fives' cunning utilizes better foresight and tries to exert power more through remote control, from a distance. This difference boils down to the fact that fives are vulnerable to intimidation. Eights are not. 

Six aggression is defensive. Eight aggression is offensive. Eights are out of touch with vulnerability. Sixes use anger to cover up their vulnerability when they are counterphobic. For Eights, dominance is an end in itself. For Sixes, dominance is a means of having the power to defend themselves against others either pre-emptively or in response to an attack. 

Sevens focus on options. Eights focus on leverage. Furthermore, dominance is an end in itself for Eights. For sevens, dominance is a means of having the power to subvert and rebel, to undo society, so to speak. 

Eights are independent-minded. Nines seek mental reassurances. 

Ones are often domineering. For that reason they may be confused with eights. But for Ones, dominance is a means of "righting" perceived wrongs. For eights, dominance is an end in itself, not a means to some other goal. Contrast Adolph Hitler who was a 1 with Joe Stalin who was an 8. Many Ones are dictators. Being a dictator or even a mass-murdering dictator does not make the person an 8.

Type Nine

Nines are self-doubting. In the absence of hard proof, they have difficulty thinking/knowing and assume the position of skeptic. They are habitually uncertain about things they have every reason to be certain about. They want to find something they can trust in and look for proofs that will help them to stabilize their shaky sense of existence. They seek out substitutes for their inner-guidance that they can reference internally for counsel, direction and advice. They have no trust in their ability to independently know and quickly need reassurances, but just as they have those reassurances quickly lose it.

Nines are vacillating. Nines are the point on the enneagram that have no built-in distortion about the world. As a result nines have difficult feeling that they know or can grasp the expectations of others and respond to the world with ambivalence, vacillation and doubt. As a result, nines seek out external systems that will ground them with a sense of what to expect from the world and the people in it. Beliefs, rules, codes, customs, become very important to to Nines and they look to outer authorities and leaders for guidance and invest a great deal of importance in those beliefs.

Nines are fatalistic. They become fixated on finding a magical/powerful figure that can take on responsibility for key areas of their life. The powerful figure works as a buffer to take control of things that nines feel they are at the mercy of. Essentially, the magical figure is somebody that will one day show up to make the nine's life complete and give them the motivation to actually take action and exert their will. Until that time, nines are content to remain complacent.

Nines are inert. They are unable to see life from a "I can do it" point of view as everything just seems hopeless. They justify their lack of action as simply being too much trouble to do or annoying. They can take action for the benefit of others but not for their own. They say no to things outside of their comfort zone and report not feeling good enough. They indulge in magical thinking believing that the great things in life they desire will just happen one day. They put off important decisions to attend to their responsibilities to others and never feel like doing much of anything. They simply become stuck in routines and habits, "sleepwalking" through events.

Nines are dependent. In order to bring a magical figure into their lives, they instinctively avoid their own autonomy. In response to the fear of losing the support of others nines suppress their own willfulness in order to go with the flow, to stay merged with the agenda of others and to suppress their own 'inner voice’; to avoid conflict and to remain in a state of inaction. The end result is that they are out of touch with inner guidance and look for others to provide them with mental reassurance. They forget themselves. They go on autopilot. They fall asleep, so to speak. A process of deterioration in their ability to think abstractly occurs. They find it easier to just adopt group sentiments or sentiments by others.

Healthy nines are in touch with inner clarity, awake to their own autonomy. As a result, they become better able to take action and come into contact with their inner guidance. The less they look for a magical figure outside of themselves, the more complete and whole they start to experience themselves as. Autonomy emerges. By re-owning their power they gain a sense of control over the direction of their life and a sense of freedom from the agenda of others. They become more self-reliant and perhaps give off, at a subconscious level, the most naturally endearing quality of all the types.

9w8s are earthy. They are typically an apolitical type, identifying strongly with nature. They have a slyer sense of humour blended in street smarts. They shun bringing attention to themselves and like to run their operations more underground. They are a more down to earth nine still insightful who have an ability to build up the egos of others. They are often very intuitive. They put emphasis on not sticking out and getting more in touch with nature. Their internal experience diffuses more into universals even as they poeticize the crude. Doubts they have about their sponsors or experts can always be projected onto scapegoats. They tend towards being terse. They can be difficult to understand but not because they say too much, rather that they say too little. Their thinking favors repetition and memorization. They focus a lot of attention to energy and body language. 

9w8s are stubborn. They are more about holding the line. They stick more fervently to their own principles even when its at odds with the times, very often giving them a more old-school quality. They dip threats in olive oil and size people up by whether the person can stay within the forms of that occasion without breaking. They stabilize and gain advantage over competitors by setting up "walls" that push competition out and erode the possibilities. 

9w8s are reliable. They jump through hoops for people and take hits for the team. They know what to do without having to take direction. They are quick to volunteer themselves for tasks and don't have a problem helping others to further their agenda. They often function as "middlemen" in the distribution of new ideas. They have a compulsion to remind people of stuff and to constantly try and check in with people to make sure things are all right. They are strongly attuned to people's appetites. 

9w8s are protective. They are shaken by the horrors of the world and are often the first to advance onto the front-lines willing to sacrifice themselves or whatever power they have at their disposal in order to make a difference. When tragic things happen they sometimes lament over "what a sick world it is." They put more responsibility on themselves to help make it better. They do things for the benefit of others even more than they do for themselves.  They will seek out interdependent relationships between equals who will join them in doing the same. They will come up with or adapt ideas that can be used to deter denigration, insensitivity and other abuses of power.  They are big on human rights. Some devote their lives to humanitarian causes finding assurances for their passive/aggressive ambivalence by fighting for justice on behalf of the weak believing it their duty.

9w1s are critical. They have a stronger sense of self-condemnation. They are more impotent in their anger than 8 wingers. They compartmentalize their anger so as to responsibly do their part. They often don't take well to ideas or assertions that disrupt their sense for the objective reality.

9w1s are conformist. They are highly deferential to authority. They look to the authorities to provide them shelter on a whole array of things from what to think to what to wear. They seek out causes, missions, ideologies, organizations etc they can wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to. They like to be part of something bigger than themselves. They show their loyalty by doing what they believe people expect of them and by suppressing any doubts they may have in order to maintain a loyal and partisan stance. They become guardians of the beliefs that they depend on for grounding and build up a pride and mutual admiration for those ideas and people associated with it. They overcommit themselves to the extent their personal lives takes a back seat so that they can diligently do their part to extend the legacy of others.

9w1s are normative. Their perceptions of the environment are organized around reflexively defending a status quo. They are easily triggered by people whose opinions are subversive to ideas that conflict with the status quo, and often respond to such subversions as if they were attacks upon themselves. They take it upon themselves to try to ostracize and take on those whose opinions lack a sense of decency and conflict with sentiments and thought-terminating cliches the 9w1 has internalized. Their sense of decency is based upon their own emotive connections to how their fellow 'victims-in-arms' (past or present, living or dead) would feel about it , and for the 9w1 censorship based around that standard of decency supercedes free speech.

Twos are assertive in their other-seeking. Nines are fatalistic in their other-seeking.

Nines are modest. Threes are egotistical.

Fours are pathologically self-referential. Nines can't sustain self-reference for too long. 

Fives are more certain. Nines doubtful. 

Sixes are reactive. Nines grounded. 

Rebelling is a way of life for Sevens. Nines vacillate between conformity and rebellion. 

Eights are independent-minded. Nines seek mental reassurances.

Nines see more points of view than Ones do. Ones are more fanatical.

Type One

Ones resist reality by taking strong moral stances. They see reality as messy and corrupt so they invest all their energy in the ideal. They are idealists who strive to be consistent with their principles and to do  the right thing. They seek to transcend their humanly concerns, interests and emotions by realizing a higher purpose in life through hard work, integrity, and achievement. They are doers with a sense of mission and single-mindedness that leaves little room for play. When they fall short of the ideal, they criticize themselves.

Ones are sincere people. They say what they mean and mean what they say. The same standards that ones may try to impose on others they also impose on themselves and they also feel resentment towards others for not holding themselves to a higher ideal. They expect every person, including themselves, to abide by the rules, so long as the rules are just, and to take responsibility for their choices. Ones assume that reason, order and justice exist in the world, so that, inevitably, what is right will always prevail and what is wrong will always be punished. They can give others a difficult time about not covering their own bases and will point out others’ shortcomings when they feel that this unspoken agreement is violated. The majority of lectures or  advice that Ones give to others will all revolve around this implicit expectation of rationality, choices, and responsibility.

Ones are very focused on order. Order stimulates their sense that things are moving closer to the way that things should be. Order is something that Ones believe others, along with themselves, ought to subordinate themselves to, as well. When others don’t, that only fuels the One’s sense of anger. The way it should be in the One’s mind of course is not always the reality but they have a strong sense of how things ought to be in contrast to how things are and direct their attention to areas where people or things have fallen short of how things should be. The one’s cognitive style habitually makes judgments by comparison between how reality falls short of an ideal conception of reality.

Ones are perfectionists in the most global sense of the word. They want perfection in all areas of their life and can be demanding taskmasters in the pursuit of such, as they perceive all the many 'wrecks.' They have high standards for both themselves and others and let themselves down when they feel partially responsible for something that falls short of their own standards.

Ones are very literal-minded. They often reject intuition and unconscious associations as nonsense and believe that making decisions on faith or hunch is absolutely the wrong way to go about doing it. The right way, for a One, is to gather facts and accumulate data prior to making a decision, believing that the more data you have on hand to make a decision, the more perfect that decision will be, sometimes arriving them at conclusions that seem to narrow and wooden in scope or pushing them into ‘data paralysis’.

Ones are doers. They place their self-esteem and sense of worth on action. They are motivated by guilt to actively do things, but, more importantly, to do those things right. ‘Perfect action’ is the basis of their self-esteem. But by trying to do everything perfect they inevitably fall short of their ideal and do things imperfect. That result only causes them more guilt. Needless to say, they are often strong-willed and one of the types that gets a lot of things done. The willfulness is essentially a form of ‘abstinence’ from their instinctual drives in the name of a more rational and structured approach towards action. Such “abstinence” manifests as both a physical and psychological discipline in their approach towards life that can produce a more rigid and colorless gestalt.

When they do fall short, Ones will not only berate themselves for it but also they expect criticism from others about their imperfections. As Ones often sense that others are judging them for their own imperfections, they  direct their own judgment inward at themselves to preempt a sense of condemnation by others. Thus, ones form a pattern of having to detach from their anger in order to justify, to themselves, on rational grounds, their actions, in the anticipation that others may judge and condemn them for it.

The passion of Ones is wrath. Wrath has to do with the world falling short of the one's ideal and letting the self or world know about it in a choleric and critical fashion. When Ones are governed by this passion, everything in the world, no matter how small, falls short of the ideal, thus becoming an object of the Ones’ resentment and in need of correction, sometimes punishment. They are obsessed with righting wrongs. What’s often missed about wrath is that the anger can be directed not just at other people’s actions, but also at other people’s thinking and use of reason. However the wrath manifests, its nature is corrective. This anger can also be intensely directed at groups. Even though One’s have been trying to stay detached and rise above the ‘ugliness’ with civility, there is a cruel and violent urge that has been festering underneath, that the one has felt a need to control and keep  buried, sublimating into their various activities, directing inwardly at themselves, while imploding privately. This urge can come to the surface as an intense and self-righteous anger to purge the environment of its corruptive elements.

In its purest form, wrath is an anger towards all the imperfections of the world that they would love to destroy. When a One is in the grip of wrath, they have decided to direct all their inner criticism outwards at something or someone or some group in the environment to dominate, blame and punish for the world’s imperfect state. They turn into extreme misanthropes, wrapped in sadistic urges. If the one has power and charisma, they may seek to use their charisma to purge anything that doesn’t align with what they believe is an accurate representation of perfection.

But this only replaces one imperfection with another imperfection. No matter how much Ones’ destroy they will never bring about their ideal state or, in the extreme case of low health, an ideal race of people, as it is only a matter of time before the imperfections become apparent. And this in turn causes the One to sink into a more severe and dramatic depression, possibly even into suicide.

Healthy Ones are wise and discerning, though. They loosen up and get more comfortable with imperfection. They can enjoy what they do and not impose such high standards on themselves or others. They derive a sense of worth independently of what they do and realize they are virtuous or right in their imperfections, just as they are. They also learn to forgive others for their imperfections and, in doing so, they let go of their anger.

1w9s are independent thinkers. They are not influenced by preexisting dogmas or what others have to say and can even be heretics in the realm of thought or action. They have a tendency to preach and teach in colder fashion. They will not and do not want to subordinate themselves to anything on earth and they tend to think on a larger scale in the form of universal truths. They want to acquire a higher virtue in their life that they believe can only be achieved through a purer form of reasoning.

1w9s are cold fish. They like to feel out of reach from the imperfections of the world. Regal, in a sense. They want their actions to flow in harmony with their conclusions. It’s as if they were trying to cocoon their lives inside of a higher form that will eventually transform them into an ideal. They take unflinchingly cold, categorical positions with family members and are often frugal.

1w9s are human pressure-cookers. They most prefer to do tasks alone so they won't have to deal with imperfections from others often demanding more of themselves to pick up the slack. Much closer in fit to a classic type A personality and more prone to be exemplary in areas where they apply themselves. They are stoic about success and treat relationships as getting in the way of principle.

1w2s are practical. They have more common sense. They are direct and honest when it comes to getting things done.

1w2s are volunteeristic. They often feel like they don’t have any inherent freedom and are trapped by emotional obligations, rules and expectations that plays into this stronger streak of volunteerism.

1w2s are family oriented. They are quicker to sacrifice their own personal ambitions to take care of family out of their strong sense of obligation and have more difficulty holding hard lines with people.

1w2s are empathetic. They ground their idealism in empathetic connections. They will try and relate with people but are more demanding of them, tailoring their lectures more to other people’s positive/negative self-images, rather than trying to keep everything in the realm of logic. They aren’t as heady or philosophical about what they do. They are less constricted by reason and more intuitive and expressive, but still tend towards being colorless.


Ones are more focused on principle. Twos focus more on people.

Threes stand by their goals through thick and thin. Ones stand by their convictions through thick and thin.

Fours focus more on their own emotions. Ones focus more on their convictions.

Fives are dispassionate. Ones are passionate.

One vigilantism is driven by a contempt for human corruption, that which falls short of the ideal. Six vigilantism is a defensive response to mistreatment and/or the anticipation of being mistreated in the future.

Sevens find beauty in chaos. Ones find beauty in order. 

Ones are often domineering. For that reason they may be confused with eights. But for ones, dominance is a means of "righting" perceived wrongs. For eights, dominance is an end in itself, not a means to some other goal. Contrast Adolph Hitler who was a 1 with Joe Stalin who was an 8. Many Ones are dictators. Being a dictator or even a mass-murdering dictator does not make the person an 8. 

Nines are more relaxed than Ones and don’t assert their opinions as easily as Ones do. Nines also tend to see more points of view than Ones do.

Enneagram Type Exemplars (Youtube included)

The purpose of this list is to document the enneagram-side groundwork behind Stackemup's successful unification of the enneagram and socionics.  The below type list carves out the only valid breakdown for each enneagram type, wing and stack by each type's distinguishable physical agencies. Physical agencies are essentially the type's instinctive truth.The typings were indexed by me along with valuable contributions from dfgray44, marie, and others. Exemplars are generally famous or well known people but not so well known people are included as well. Enneagram books are not necessary for learning about the different enneagram types. Books are optional. For visual identification of each enneagram type, wing and stack, go to and browse through the photo layouts. The youtube videos highlight the instinctive truth for each type, wing, and stack in a way that words on a page and clinical cutouts will not. Stackemup's socionics-side groundwork (aka socionics new wave) can be found paved out at

1w9 so/sp Adolph Hitler:
1w9 so/sp Ayn Rand:
1w9 so/sp Abudakar Shekau:
1w9 so/sp Abu Baghdadi:
1w9 so/sp George Lincoln Rockwell:
1w9 so/sp Khalid Muhammad:
1w9 so/sp Sandra Good:
1w9 so/sp Charles Coughlin:
1w9 so/sp Vittorio Sgarbi:
1w9 so/sp Jean Marie Le Penn:
1w9 so/sp Alexander Muzychko:
1w9 so/sp Vladimir Zhirinovsky:

1w9 so/sx Vladimir Lenin:
1w9 so/sx Joseph Beuys:
1w9 so/sx Nazim Hikmet:
1w9 so/sx Kemal Ataturk:
1w9 so/sx Charles De Gaulle:
1w9 so/sx Carlos the Jackal:
1w9 so/sx Meir Kahane:
1w9 so/sx Arashavir Shirakian:
1w9 so/sx Hannah Arendt:
1w9 so/sx Francisco Franco:
1w9 so/sx Eneas Carneiro:
1w9 so/sx Slavoj Zizek:
1w9 so/sx Samora Machel:
1w9 so/sx Andrea Dworkin:
1w9 so/sx Huey Newton:
1w9 so/sx Boris Nemstov:

1w9 sp/so Donald Rumsfeld:
1w9 sp/so Nouriel Roubini:
1w9 sp/so Dick Cheney:
1w9 sp/so Carmen Ortiz:
1w9 sp/so Carly Fiorina:
1w9 sp/so Ellen McLain:
1w9 sp/so Sharon Angle:
1w9 sp/so Hank Harrison:
1w9 sp/so Craig Venter:
1w9 sp/so Christine Gregoire:
1w9 sp/so Gordon Brown:
1w9 sp/so Stanley McCrystal:
1w9 sp/so Nina Pillard:
1w9 sp/so David Kiersey:

1w9 sp/so "Heather":
1w9 sp/so Philip Brailsford:
1w9 sp/so George Bush Sr.:
1w9 sp/so Larry Merchant:
1w9 sp/so Kusum Ailawadi:
1w9 sp/so Lenny Hamilton:
1w9 sp/so Frank Herbert:
1w9 sp/so Pat Robertson:
1w9 sp/so Mahmoud Ahmadenijad:
1w9 sp/so Vladimir Putin:
1w9 sp/so Michael Prysner:
1w9 sp/so Tommy Davis:
1w9 sp/so George Zimmerman:
1w9 sp/so Brian Stelter:
1w9 sp/so CK Slater:
1w9 sp/so Erick Erickson:
1w9 sp/so Chris Dunn:
1w9 sp/so Sarah Huckabee Sanders:
1w9 sp/so Greg Sheridan:
1w9 sp/so Dick Morris:
1w9 sp/so Christopher Hitchens:
1w9 sp/so Richard Nixon:
1w9 sp/so John Bolton:
1w9 sp/so Howard Safir:
1w9 sp/so Oliver North:
1w9 sp/so Larry Merchant:
1w9 sp/so Robert Mugabe:
1w9 sp/so Harry Truman:
1w9 sp/so Hillary Clinton:
1w9 sp/so Roger Ailes:
1w9 sp/so Howie Carr:
1w9 sp/so Allen West:
1w9 sp/so Billy Graham:
1w9 sp/so Conrad Black:
1w9 sp/so Wayne Lapierre:
1w9 sp/so William Bennett:
1w9 sp/so Bernie Goldberg: (starts at 1:00)
1w9 sp/so Ernie Tertelgate:
1w9 sp/so Terry Bradshaw:
1w9 sp/so Fred Phelps:
1w9 sp/so John Hagee:

1w9 sp/sx Andrew Campanella:
1w9 sp/sx Mindy Meyers:
1w9 sp/sx Jason Mattera:
1w9 sp/sx Tomi Lahren:
1w9 sp/sx Abby Martin:
1w9 sp/sx Ben Shapiro:
1w9 sp/sx Michael Skolnik:
1w9 sp/sx Cristina Rad:
1w9 sp/sx "Susan":
1w9 sp/sx Shirley Phelps:
1w9 sp/sx Ming Flanagan:
1w9 sp/sx Barbara DeAngelis:
1w9 sp/sx Chris Langan:

1w9 sx/so Ted Nugent:
1w9 sx/so Douglas Clark:
1w9 sx/so Harlan Ellison:
1w9 sx/so Christopher Cantwell:
1w9 sx/so Henry Rollins:
1w9 sx/so Frank Zappa:
1w9 sx/so Jack White:
1w9 sx/so Pat O'Brien:
1w9 sx/so James Labrie:
1w9 sx/so Peter Wildoer:
1w9 sx/so Aaron Turner:
1w9 sx/so Davis Aurini:
1w9 sx/so Dan Quinn:
1w9 sx/so John Joseph:
1w9 sx/so Jillian Venters:

1w9 sx/sp Klaus Kinski:
1w9 sx/sp Richard Harris:
1w9 sx/sp Yul Brynner:
1w9 sx/sp Helmut Berger:
1w9 sx/sp Rudolph Nurayev:
1w9 sx/sp Krzysztof Kieslowski:
1w9 sx/sp Samuel Beckett:
1w9 sx/sp Isabelle Adjani:
1w9 sx/sp Graham Chapman:
1w9 sx/sp Robina Courtin:
1w9 sx/sp Jean Luc Godard:
1w9 sx/sp Nicol Williamson:
1w9 sx/sp Pier Pasolini:
1w9 sx/sp Robert Lowell: (voice)
1w9 sx/sp Alan Ginsberg:
1w9 sx/sp Frank O'hara:
1w9 sx/sp Katherine Hepburn:


1w2 so/sp Roy Farris:
1w2 so/sp Margie Phelps:
1w2 so/sp Camille Paglia:
1w2 so/sp Bill Watts:
1w2 so/sp DrinkingwithBob:
1w2 so/sp Jack Thompson:
1w2 so/sp Ken Miller:
1w2 so/sp Rick Santorum:
1w2 so/sp Tom Steyer:
1w2 so/sp Frank Lombardi:
1w2 so/sp Trey Gowdy:
1w2 so/sp Phillip Mudd:
1w2 so/sp Arthur Sharp:
1w2 so/sp Werner Erhard:
1w2 so/sp Jordan Peterson:
1w2 so/sp Fran Lebowitz:
1w2 so/sp Oriana Fallaci:
1w2 so/sp Simone de Beauvoir:
1w2 so/sp Earl Hutchinson:
1w2 so/sp John Kasich:
1w2 so/sp John Bradshaw:
1w2 so/sp Dawn Check:
1w2 so/sp Jenny Horne:
1w2 so/sp Judge Judy:
1w2 so/sp Rudy Guiliani:
1w2 so/sp Richard Thornburgh:
1w2 so/sp Vincent Bugliosi:
1w2 so/sp Phillip Shepard:

1w2 so/sx Piper Kerman:
1w2 so/sx Holly Holm:
1w2 so/sx Barbie Nadeau:
1w2 so/sx Marine Le Pen:
1w2 so/sx Samantha Power:
1w2 so/sx Joan Jett:
1w2 so/sx Erin Brockovich:
1w2 so/sx Laura Ingraham:
1w2 so/sx Marlee Matlin:
1w2 so/sx Katherine Harris:
1w2 so/sx John Connolly:
1w2 so/sx Alison Ettel ("Permit Patty"):
1w2 so/sx Kate Gosselin:
1w2 so/sx Barbara Bowman:
1w2 so/sx Susan Markowitz:
1w2 so/sx Betsey Wright:
1w2 so/sx Sandra Maitri:
1w2 so/sx Amanda Knox:
1w2 so/sx Mary Jo Buttofouco:
1w2 so/sx Lou Peters:

1w2 sp/so Jack Nicklaus:
1w2 sp/so Michelle Obama:
1w2 sp/so Mike Sexton:
1w2 sp/so Bob Backlund:
1w2 sp/so Lee Iacocca:
1w2 sp/so John Addison:
1w2 sp/so George Steele:
1w2 sp/so Steve Maxwell:
1w2 sp/so Norman Schwarzkopf:
1w2 sp/so Antonin Scalia:
1w2 sp/so Margarat Thatcher:
1w2 sp/so Lim Guan Eng:
1w2 sp/so Vince McMahon:
1w2 sp/so Bill Romanowski:
1w2 sp/so Bobby Flay:
1w2 sp/so Andrew Napolitano:
1w2 sp/so Dave Ramsey:
1w2 sp/so Art Williams:
1w2 sp/so Diane Dimond:
1w2 sp/so Jack Lalane:
1w2 sp/so Anjelica Huston:
1w2 sp/so Virginia Satir:
1w2 sp/so George Anastasia:
1w2 sp/so Bob Larson:
1w2 sp/so Phil McGraw:
1w2 sp/so Thomas Brennan:
1w2 sp/so Jimmy Swaggart:
1w2 sp/so Lynne Franklin:
1w2 sp/so Ann Maria Demars:
1w2 sp/so Vicki Lawrence:
1w2 sp/so Jamie Lee Curtis:
1w2 sp/so Jane Lynch:
1w2 sp/so Jane Kaczmarek:
1w2 sp/so John Maxwell:
1w2 sp/so Jim Harris:
1w2 sp/so John McCain:
1w2 sp/so John Macarthur:
1w2 sp/so Pete Stark:
1w2 sp/so Tony LaRussa:
1w2 sp/so Al Dunlap:
1w2 sp/so Pat Summit:
1w2 sp/so Bobby Knight:

1w2 sp/sx James Whitmore:
1w2 sp/sx Jack Kevorkian:
1w2 sp/sx John Wooden:
1w2 sp/sx James Mattis:
1w2 sp/sx Rocky Long:
1w2 sp/sx Noam Chomsky:
1w2 sp/sx Harry Morgan:
1w2 sp/sx Daniel Goleman:
1w2 sp/sx John Saxon:
1w2 sp/sx George Szell:
1w2 sp/sx Marie-Louise von Franz:
1w2 sp/sx Marshall Rosenberg:
1w2 sp/sx George Coyne:
1w2 sp/sx David Brower:
1w2 sp/sx Ken Jennings:
1w2 sp/sx Temple Grandin:

1w2 sx/so Jodie Foster:
1w2 sx/so Rebekah Kennedy:
1w2 sx/so Katherine Heigl:
1w2 sx/so Rachel Nichols:
1w2 sx/so Sienna Miller:
1w2 sx/so Katherine McPhee:
1w2 sx/so Anna Kendrick:
1w2 sx/so Giada de Laurentiis:
1w2 sx/so Marg Helgenberger:
1w2 sx/so Jaime Ray Newman:
1w2 sx/so Daisy Ridley:
1w2 sx/so Beth Littleford:
1w2 sx/so Sandra Smith:
1w2 sx/so Sarah Clarke:
1w2 sx/so Courtney Cox:
1w2 sx/so Nelly Furtado:
1w2 sx/so Emily Deschanel:
1w2 sx/so Farah Fath:

1w2 sx/sp Sinead O'Connor:
1w2 sx/sp James Chance:
1w2 sx/sp James Baldwin:
1w2 sx/sp Aimee Mann:
1w2 sx/sp Yvette Felarca:
1w2 sx/sp Mia Farrow:
1w2 sx/sp Jehnny Beth:
1w2 sx/sp Leo Fitzpatrick:
1w2 sx/sp George Harrison:
1w2 sx/sp Kaci Hickox:

Fictional 1s:

1w9 so/sp: Ra's Al Ghul (Batman Begins), Magneto (X-Men)
1w9 so/sx: Oskar Schindler (Schindler's List), Luke (Star Wars)
1w9 sp/so: William Foster (Falling Down), Galadriel (Lord of the Rings)
1w9 sp/sx: Mitch Leary (In the Line of Fire)
1w9 sx/so: Amon Goeth (Schindler's List)
1w9 sx/sp: Norman Stansfield (the Professional)

1w2 so/sp: Agent Maguire (Black Mass)
1w2 so/sx: Agent Connolly (Black Mass)
1w2 sp/so: Colonel Trautman (Rambo), Sherriff Willoughby (Three Billboards)
1w2 sp/sx: John Macreedy (Bad Day At Black Rock), Scrooge (Christmas Carol)
1w2 sx/so: Dagny Taggart (Atlas Shrugged), Elizabeth Sloan (Miss Sloan),
1w2 sx/sp: Clarice Starling (Silence of the Lambs)


2w1 so/sp Jeremy Kyle:
2w1 so/sp Robin Macgraw:
2w1 so/sp Monica Crowley:
2w1 so/sp Paula Dean:
2w1 so/sp Joyce Meyer:
2w1 so/sp Nancy Grace:
2w1 so/sp Aileen Wuornos:
2w1 so/sp Larissa Bootz:
2w1 so/sp Abby Lee Miller:
2w1 so/sp Curtis Sliwa:
2w1 so/sp Beth Chapman:
2w1 so/sp Amanda Amilyanetti:
2w1 so/sp Marilyn Milian:
2w1 so/sp Mark Gungor:
2w1 so/sp Sharon Osbourne:
2w1 so/sp Khalood:

2w1 so/sx Lady Skrap:
2w1 so/sx Victoria Gotti:
2w1 so/sx Renee Graziano:
2w1 so/sx Whitney Houston:
2w1 so/sx Jemeker Hairston:
2w1 so/sx Sophia Laren:
2w1 so/sx Betsey Johnson:
2w1 so/sx Sylvia Browne:
2w1 so/sx Allison Janney:
2w1 so/sx Sharon Den Adel:
2w1 so/sx Joan Alperin Schwartz:
2w1 so/sx Sally Kellerman:
2w1 so/sx Polly Bergen:
2w1 so/sx Lisa Stansfield:
2w1 so/sx Brigitte Nielson:
2w1 so/sx Pam Grier:
2w1 so/sx Elizabeth Taylor:

2w1 sp/so Laura Berman:
2w1 sp/so Ras Baraka:
2w1 sp/so Gina Raimondo:
2w1 sp/so Henry Winkler:
2w1 sp/so Jane Doherty: (starts at 0:27)
2w1 sp/so Barefoot Contessa:
2w1 sp/so Ninel Kulagina:
2w1 sp/so "Kiai Master":
2w1 sp/so Lenny Wilkens:
2w1 sp/so Doug Kalajian:
2w1 sp/so Artemis Walden:
2w1 sp/so Maxine Waters:
2w1 sp/so Michael Moore:
2w1 sp/so Cynthia Nixon:
2w1 sp/so Eric Paddock:
2w1 sp/so Twyla tharp:
2w1 sp/so Sally Jesse Raphael:
2w1 sp/so Lanny Poffo:
2w1 sp/so Lara Moritz:
2w1 sp/so Katie Harbath:
2w1 sp/so Allyson Schwartz:
2w1 sp/so Gillian Proudfoot:
2w1 sp/so Jen Psaki:
2w1 sp/so Rosemarie Aquilina:
2w1 sp/so Leo Buscaglia:
2w1 sp/so Mary Landrieu:
2w1 sp/so Jennifer Devocht:
2w1 sp/so Eleanor Roosevelt:
2w1 sp/so Indira Gandhi:
2w1 sp/so Harvey Milk:
2w1 sp/so Mother Teresa:
2w1 sp/so Miss Manners:
2w1 sp/so Barbara Walters:
2w1 sp/so Judge Rinder:

2w1 sp/sx Dottie Rambo:
2w1 sp/sx Tammy Faye Baker:
2w1 sp/sx Joel Skinner:
2w1 sp/sx Shirley Jones:
2w1 sp/sx Tavis Smiley:
2w1 sp/sx Florence Henderson:
2w1 sp/sx Alan Alda:
2w1 sp/sx Deborah Cheetham:
2w1 sp/sx Angela Lansbury:
2w1 sp/sx Barbara Bush:
2w1 sp/sx Patricia Neal:
2w1 sp/sx Orly Taitz:
2w1 sp/sx Princess Diana:
2w1 sp/sx Angelica Huston:
2w1 sp/sx Jamie Lee Curtis:
2w1 sp/sx Danielle Steele:
2w1 sp/sx Vanessa Redgrave:
2w1 sp/sx Barbara Eden:
2w1 sp/sx Anne Bancroft:
2w1 sp/sx Rue McClanahan:
2w1 sp/sx Betty Robison:
2w1 sp/sx Jean Reno:
2w1 sp/sx Rod Steiger:
2w1 sp/sx Paul Sorvino:
2w1 sp/sx Nathan Lane:
2w1 sp/sx Emeril Lagasse:
2w1 sp/sx Joseph Gannascoli:
2w1 sp/sx Oscar Peterson:
2w1 sp/sx Vincent Curatola:
2w1 sp/sx Steven Van Zandt:
2w1 sp/sx Ronnie Knight:
2w1 sp/sx Jackie Gleason:
2w1 sp/sx Louis Eppolito:
2w1 sp/sx Isaac Newton Farris:
2w1 sp/sx Arthur Blank:

2w1 sp/sx Gregory Hines:

2w1 sx/so Nicole Eggert:
2w1 sx/so Lena Horne:
2w1 sx/so Zsa zsa gabor:
2w1 sx/so Michelle Phillips:
2w1 sx/so Simone Biles:
2w1 sx/so Morgan Fairchild:
2w1 sx/so Nina Duvalari:
2w1 sx/so Robin Givens:
2w1 sx/so Nancy Sinatra:
2w1 sx/so Ana Serradilla:
2w1 sx/so Liberace:
2w1 sx/so Conway Twitty:
2w1 sx/so Dolly Parton:
2w1 sx/so Faye Dunaway:
2w1 sx/so Aretha Franklin:
2w1 sx/so Bipasha Basu:
2w1 sx/so Katie Holmes:
2w1 sx/so Lynn Anderson:
2w1 sx/so Natalie Imbruglia:
2w1 sx/so Elisabeth Shue:
2w1 sx/so Byron Katie:
2w1 sx/so Maria Shriver:
2w1 sx/so Gates McFadden:

2w1 sx/sp Lita Ford:
2w1 sx/sp Kim Gordon:
2w1 sx/sp Cris Cyborg:
2w1 sx/sp Debra D'andrea:
2w1 sx/sp Betsey Bitch:
2w1 sx/sp Queen Latifah:
2w1 sx/sp Mo'Nique:
2w1 sx/sp Baje Fletcher:
2w1 sx/sp Sharon Reed:
2w1 sx/sp Lynn Whittfield:
2w1 sx/sp Mirjana Puhar:
2w1 sx/sp Pinky:
2w1 sx/sp Shannon Fitzgerald:
2w1 sx/sp Elliot Hulse:

2w3 so/sp Wendy Williams:
2w3 so/sp Arsenio Hall:
2w3 so/sp Jimmy Hart:
2w3 so/sp Terry Christian:
2w3 so/sp Richard Simmons:
2w3 so/sp Johanna Botta:
2w3 so/sp Niecy Nash:
2w3 so/sp Lakita Garth:
2w3 so/sp Ricki Lake:
2w3 so/sp Susan Powter:
2w3 so/sp Vivica Fox:
2w3 so/sp Jillian Michaels:
2w3 so/sp Lauren Lake:
2w3 so/sp Tamara Braxton:
2w3 so/sp Rebecca Romijn-Stamos:
2w3 so/sp Gisele Bundchen:
2w3 so/sp Nastazia Mitropoulou:
2w3 so/sp Nicole Ari Parker:
2w3 so/sp Lolita Kush:
2w3 so/sp Jackee Harry:
2w3 so/sp Nikki Mudaris:
2w3 so/sp Jillian Barberie:
2w3 so/sp Amy Winehouse:
2w3 so/sp Nicole Pilozzi:
2w3 so/sp Raven Symone:
2w3 so/sp Mila Kunis:

2w3 so/sx Stacey Keibler:
2w3 so/sx Christy Mack:
2w3 so/sx Sophie Dee:
2w3 so/sx Laurence Grondin:
2w3 so/sx Harley Syn:
2w3 so/sx Pauley Perette:
2w3 so/sx Rachel Sweet:
2w3 so/sx Justin Jedlica:
2w3 so/sx Zyzz:
2w3 so/sx Vitaly Zdorovetskiy:
2w3 so/sx Shizzio:
2w3 so/sx Kesha:
2w3 so/sx Rose McGowan:
2w3 so/sx Sarah Michelle Gellar:
2w3 so/sx Xuxa:
2w3 so/sx Mariah Carey:
2w3 so/sx Madonna:
2w3 so/sx Erika Jayne:
2w3 so/sx MC Hammer:
2w3 so/sx Evan Rachel Wood:
2w3 so/sx Haley Reinhardt:
2w3 so/sx Stephen Bear:
2w3 so/sx Calpernia Adams:
2w3 so/sx Taylor Momsen:
2w3 so/sx Brett Michaels:
2w3 so/sx Chloe Moretz:
2w3 so/sx Shay Mitchell:
2w3 so/sx Laverne Cox:
2w3 so/sx Shannon Tweed:
2w3 so/sx Dev:
2w3 so/sx Emma Roberts:
2w3 so/sx Alexis Bledel:
2w3 so/sx Kajol:
2w3 so/sx Kimberly Lansing:

2w3 sp/so Jordan Rubin:
2w3 sp/so Chiara Mastalli:
2w3 sp/so Jason Carter:
2w3 sp/so Fr. John Muir:
2w3 sp/so Timon Krause:
2w3 sp/so Jonathan Morris:
2w3 sp/so John Waters:
2w3 sp/so Neil Strauss:
2w3 sp/so Brene Brown:
2w3 sp/so Dinesh D'Souza:
2w3 sp/so Katherine Mangu-Ward:
2w3 sp/so Ana Ivanovic:
2w3 sp/so Patti Labelle:
2w3 sp/so Jeremiah Wright:
2w3 sp/so Michael Dyson:
2w3 sp/so Jim Rogers:
2w3 sp/so Louis Farrakhan:
2w3 sp/so Jerry Lewis:
2w3 sp/so Luciano Pavarotti:
2w3 sp/so Bill Walton:
2w3 sp/so Steve Gutenberg:
2w3 sp/so Jerry Lewis:
2w3 sp/so Suzanne Somers:
2w3 sp/so Mandy Patinkin:
2w3 sp/so Andrew Zimmern:
2w3 sp/so James Van Praagh:
2w3 sp/so Creflo Dollar:
2w3 sp/so Barry White:
2w3 sp/so Candace Cameron:
2w3 sp/so Eva Mendes:
2w3 sp/so Danni Allen:
2w3 sp/so Scott Hamilton:
2w3 sp/so Arturo O'farrill:
2w3 sp/so Wynton Marsalis:
2w3 sp/so Sinead Keenan:
2w3 sp/so Sammy Davis Jr.:
2w3 sp/so Cuba Gooding Jr.:
2w3 sp/so Pat Boone:
2w3 sp/so Wayne Knight:
2w3 sp/so Mark Pincus:
2w3 sp/so Ken Illgunas:
2w3 sp/so John Francis Daley:
2w3 sp/so Craig Kielburger:
2w3 sp/so Mena Suvari:
2w3 sp/so Chelsea Staub:
2w3 sp/so Marcello Bovio:
2w3 sp/so Quentin Wynaar:
2w3 sp/so Jerry Mathers:
2w3 sp/so Jonathan Adler:
2w3 sp/so Brian Peeler:
2w3 sp/so Magic Johnson:
2w3 sp/so Lisa Whelchel:
2w3 sp/so Wolfgang Puck:
2w3 sp/so Cesar Milan:

2w3 sp/sx Alicia Arden:
2w3 sp/sx Justin Furstenfeld:
2w3 sp/sx Titus Welliver:
2w3 sp/sx Brooke Hogan:
2w3 sp/sx Hayden Panettiere:
2w3 sp/sx Summer Glau:
2w3 sp/sx Kelsey Grammar:
2w3 sp/sx Tim Gunn:
2w3 sp/sx Jo Lampert:
2w3 sp/sx Jane Krakowski:
2w3 sp/sx Madeline Zima:
2w3 sp/sx Sarah Palin:
2w3 sp/sx Kathryn Erbe:
2w3 sp/sx Johnny Rzeznick:
2w3 sp/sx Barry Bonds:
2w3 sp/sx Joseph Land:
2w3 sp/sx Paul Masvidal:
2w3 sp/sx Felix Cane:
2w3 sp/sx Chyler Leigh:

2w3 sx/so Bridget Marquardt:
2w3 sx/so Holly Madison:
2w3 sx/so Chelsea Hobbs:
2w3 sx/so Samantha Saint:
2w3 sx/so Amber Tamblyn:
2w3 sx/so Britney Spears:
2w3 sx/so Sammi Giancola:
2w3 sx/so Arianny Celeste:
2w3 sx/so Maddy O'reilly:
2w3 sx/so Havilland Stillwell:
2w3 sx/so Colton Cumbie:
2w3 sx/so Aundrea Fimbres:
2w3 sx/so Gia Farrell:
2w3 sx/so Valerie Poxleitner:
2w3 sx/so Monica Lewinski:
2w3 sx/so Darlie Routier:
2w3 sx/so Kelly Pickler:
2w3 sx/so Lea Michelle:
2w3 sx/so Miss Alabama:
2w3 sx/so Kennedy Leigh:

2w3 sx/sp Grace Jones:
2w3 sx/sp Daniella Mercury:
2w3 sx/sp Dayana Mendoza:
2w3 sx/sp Mackenzie Dern:
2w3 sx/sp Sheena Easton:
2w3 sx/sp Sandra McCollum:
2w3 sx/sp Bec Hyatt:
2w3 sx/sp Lil Bit:
2w3 sx/sp Roxy Petrucci:
2w3 sx/sp Lorraine Lewis:
2w3 sx/sp Natalia Tena:

Fictional 2s:

2w1 so/sp: Claire Howell (Oz), Mildred Hayes (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri), Sister Aloysius Beauvier (Doubt)
2w1 so/sx: Mama Firefly (Devil's Rejects)
2w1 sp/so: Elizabeth Iselin (Manchurian Candidate), Eli Sunday (There Will Be Blood), C3PO (Star Wars)
2w1 sp/sx: Christina Scofield (Prison Break)
2w1 sx/so: Beverly Suthpin (serial mom), Catherine Trammell (Basic Instinct), Rose Armitage (Get Out)
2w1 sx/sp: Alex Forrest (Fatal Attraction), Leia (Last Jedi)

2w3 so/sp: Norma Desmond (Sunset Boulevard)
2w3 so/sx: Betty Boop
2w3 sp/so: Dorothy Gale (Wizard of Oz)
2w3 sp/sx: Walter Finch (Insomnia), Hedra Carlson (Single White Female)
2w3 sx/so: Shirley Bellinger (Oz)
2w3 sx/sp: Ares (John Wick 2):


3w2 so/sp Donald Trump:
so/sp Sandra Diaz Twine:
3w2 so/sp Muhammad Ali:
3w2 so/sp Minnesota Fats:
3w2 so/sp Bruce Lee:
3w2 so/sp Gordon Ramsay:
3w2 so/sp Russell Kairouz:
3w2 so/sp Chael Sonnen:
3w2 so/sp Rhonda Rousey:
3w2 so/sp Kurt Angle:
3w2 so/sp Tyson Fury:

3w2 so/sp Temica Roshawn:
3w2 so/sp Mr. T:
3w2 so/sp Hodgetwins:
3w2 so/sp "Hustle Man":
3w2 so/sp Joseph Dwayne Carson:
3w2 so/sp Michael Orlando Hall:
3w2 so/sp Lavar Ball:
3w2 so/sp Lethal Lipps:
3w2 so/sp Ricardo Mayorga:

3w2 so/sx Joey Merlino:
3w2 so/sx Floyd Mayweather:
3w2 so/sx Tucker Max:
3w2 so/sx Roy Jones:
3w2 so/sx Flava Flav:
3w2 so/sx Michael Eggleton:
3w2 so/sx Popperazzi Po:
3w2 so/sx Biggie Smallz:
3w2 so/sx Carl Williams:
3w2 so/sx George Sansouci:
3w2 so/sx Aboud:
3w2 so/sx Jimmy Sabatino:
3w2 so/sx Habib Zekajj ("Big PayBacc"):

3w2 sp/so Arnold Schwarzenegger:
3w2 sp/so Carl Icahn:
3w2 sp/so George Soros:
3w2 sp/so Charlie Rangel:
3w2 sp/so Jeremy Paxman:
3w2 sp/so Ted Turner:
3w2 sp/so Sheldon Adelson:
3w2 sp/so John Madden:
3w2 sp/so Stephen Covey:
3w2 sp/so Dalai Lama:
3w2 sp/so Kute Blackson:
3w2 sp/so Mitt Romney:
3w2 sp/so David Cunningham:
3w2 sp/so Giovanni Feroce:
3w2 sp/so Rex Tillerson:
3w2 sp/so Bernie Madoff:
3w2 sp/so Harvey Weinstein:
3w2 sp/so Lance Armstrong:
3w2 sp/so Lyor Cohen:
3w2 sp/so Li Hongzhi:
3w2 sp/so Terence Conran:
3w2 sp/so Sun Myung Moon:
3w2 sp/so Franklin Roosevelt:
3w2 sp/so Thomas Edison:
3w2 sp/so Joe Montana: (starts at 0:27)
3w2 sp/so Troy Aikman:
3w2 sp/so Tom Brady:
3w2 sp/so Vladimir Klitschko:
3w2 sp/so Peter Hain:
3w2 sp/so Arlene Dickinson:
3w2 sp/so Tony Blair:
3w2 sp/so Derek Acorah:
3w2 sp/so Robert Cialdini:
3w2 sp/so Ted Cruz:
3w2 sp/so Frank Abagnale:
3w2 sp/so Rick Perry:

3w2 sp/sx Dave Silverman:
3w2 sp/sx Jay Thomas:
3w2 sp/sx Richard Dreyfuss:
3w2 sp/sx Billy Crystal:
3w2 sp/sx Rob Morrow:
3w2 sp/sx Andy Dick:
3w2 sp/sx Jon Stewart:
3w2 sp/sx Bill Maher:
3w2 sp/sx David Schwimmer:
3w2 sp/sx Alex Trebek:
3w2 sp/sx Regis Philbin:
3w2 sp/sx William Shatner:
3w2 sp/sx Dennis Farina:
3w2 sp/sx George Hamilton:
3w2 sp/sx Michael Buffer:
3w2 sp/sx David Copperfield:
3w2 sp/sx Ray Romano:
3w2 sp/sx Bob Barker:
3w2 sp/sx Jackie Martling:
3w2 sp/sx Soupy Sales:
3w2 sp/sx Bobby Slayton:
3w2 sp/sx Mel Brooks:

3w2 sx/so Joel Osteen:
3w2 sx/so Rhonda Byrne:
3w2 sx/so Jasmuheen:
3w2 sx/so Diane Downs:
3w2 sx/so Lana Cox:
3w2 sx/so Eli Jaxon Bear:
3w2 sx/so Drake:
3w2 sx/so Parvati Shallow:
3w2 sx/so Rocco Dispirito:
3w2 sx/so Billy Bush:
3w2 sx/so Bill Clinton:
3w2 sx/so Elvis Presley:

3w2 sx/sp Brian Brushwood:
3w2 sx/sp Scott Disick:
3w2 sx/sp Paris Hilton:
3w2 sx/sp Theophilus London:
3w2 sx/sp Michael Vick:
3w2 sx/sp Aaron Hernandez:
3w2 sx/sp Chris Masterson:
3w2 sx/sp Chris Brown:
3w2 sx/sp Brian Pumper:
3w2 sx/sp Nikko Jenkins:
3w2 sx/sp Jason Derrullo:
3w2 sx/sp V. Stiviano:
3w2 sx/sp Ryan Phillipe:
3w2 sx/sp Spencer Pratt:
3w2 sx/sp Naseem Hamed:
3w2 sx/sp Jahseh "XXXtentacion" Onfroy:
3w2 sx/sp Fernando Vargas:
3w2 sx/sp Trevor Noah:
3w2 sx/sp Derrick Levasseur:
3w2 sx/sp Armando Perez:
3w2 sx/sp Brandon Hantz:
3w2 sx/sp Lewis Hamilton:


3w4 so/sp Montel Williams:
3w4 so/sp Aubrey O'day:
3w4 so/sp Sia Furler:
3w4 so/sp Kathie Lee Gifford:
3w4 so/sp Harvey Levin:
3w4 so/sp Chris Cuomo:
3w4 so/sp Charlamagne:
3w4 so/sp Ed Mylett:
3w4 so/sp Tony Vlachos:
3w4 so/sp Donny Deutsch:
3w4 so/sp Diamond Dallas Page:
3w4 so/sp Rich Vos:
3w4 so/sp Arash Dibazar:
3w4 so/sp Chelsea Handler:
3w4 so/sp Joe Grande:
3w4 so/sp Rude Jude:
3w4 so/sp Vince Vaughn:
3w4 so/sp Stephanie Jacobsen:
3w4 so/sp Janeane Garofalo:
3w4 so/sp Rand Paul:
3w4 so/sp Jeanine Pirro:
3w4 so/sp Steve Jobs:
3w4 so/sp Marissa Mayer:
3w4 so/sp Emily Duddy:
3w4 so/sp Nora Lum:
3w4 so/sp Claire Boucher:
3w4 so/sp Jenna Marbles:
3w4 so/sp Bam Margera:
3w4 so/sp Jennifer Morrison:
3w4 so/sp Sarah Silverman:
3w4 so/sp Ryan Reynolds:
3w4 so/sp Amy Schumer:
3w4 so/sp Sal Polisi:
3w4 so/sp Michael Landsberg:
3w4 so/sp Tony Robbins:
3w4 so/sp Gary Kasparov:
3w4 so/sp Onision:
3w4 so/sp VenomFagnX:
3w4 so/sp Owen Cook:
3w4 so/sp Ty Beeson:
3w4 so/sp Gerald Posner:

3w4 so/sx Kanye West:
3w4 so/sx Rick Ross:
3w4 so/sx Don Cheadle:
3w4 so/sx Penelope Soto:
3w4 so/sx Dalia Dippolito:
3w4 so/sx Taylor Chapman:
3w4 so/sx Casey Anthony:
3w4 so/sx Tara Lambert:
3w4 so/sx Heidi Montag:
3w4 so/sx Chloe Ayling:
3w4 so/sx Ashley Benson:
3w4 so/sx Mike Patton:
3w4 so/sx Brandon Lee:

3w4 sp/so Martin Shkreli:
3w4 sp/so Richard Spencer:
3w4 sp/so Lee Priest:
3w4 sp/so PJ Braun:
3w4 sp/so Shaun Attwood:
3w4 sp/so Thomas Delauer:
3w4 sp/so Wes Moore:
3w4 sp/so Ivan Joseph:
3w4 sp/so M Shadows:
3w4 sp/so Timothy "Oyster" White:
3w4 sp/so Omarossa Manigault:
3w4 sp/so Teal Swan:
3w4 sp/so Melissa Rivers:
3w4 sp/so Debbie Siebers:
3w4 sp/so Diane Lane:
3w4 sp/so Erica Hill:
3w4 sp/so Ashley Judd:
3w4 sp/so Ron Jacobson:
3w4 sp/so Jacob Pitts:
3w4 sp/so Tyler Posey:
3w4 sp/so Angie Harmon:
3w4 sp/so Bret Mckenzie:
3w4 sp/so Lana Wachowski:
3w4 sp/so Rachel Dolezal:
3w4 sp/so Rachel Zoe:
3w4 sp/so Christina Applegate:
3w4 sp/so Andrew Cohen:
3w4 sp/so Robert Patrick:
3w4 sp/so January Jones:
3w4 sp/so Matthew Fox:
3w4 sp/so Pearl Aday:
3w4 sp/so King Diamond:
3w4 sp/so Ray Leonard:
3w4 sp/so Chris Kacher:
3w4 sp/so Michelle Forbes:
3w4 sp/so Jay Z:
3w4 sp/so Gloria Baume:
3w4 sp/so Adrian Grenier:
3w4 sp/so Jenny Topping:
3w4 sp/so Mark Hoppus:
3w4 sp/so Will Smith:
3w4 sp/so Ryan Seacrest:
3w4 sp/so Colton Haynes:
3w4 sp/so Tom Cruise:
3w4 sp/so Sean Kanen:
3w4 sp/so Randy Wayne:
3w4 sp/so Jerry O'connell:
3w4 sp/so Pam Shriver:
3w4 sp/so Jamie Butler:
3w4 sp/so Sonia Choquette:
3w4 sp/so Sean Combs:
3w4 sp/so Lara Flynn Boyle:
3w4 sp/so Anastasia Griffith:

3w4 sp/sx Kobe Bryant:
3w4 sp/sx Jackie Warner:
3w4 sp/sx Chris Heria:
3w4 sp/sx Derek Jeter:
3w4 sp/sx Vasyl Lomachenko:
3w4 sp/sx Mika Immonen:
3w4 sp/sx Nico Rosberg:
3w4 sp/sx Tony Parker:
3w4 sp/sx Roger Federer:
3w4 sp/sx Keahi Seymour:
3w4 sp/sx Andre Agassi:
3w4 sp/sx Michael Jordan:
3w4 sp/sx Tiger Woods:
3w4 sp/sx Michael Johnson:
3w4 sp/sx Thierry Henry:
3w4 sp/sx Tom Dwan:
3w4 sp/sx Pierce Brosnan:
3w4 sp/sx David Blaine:
3w4 sp/sx Morgan Webb:
3w4 sp/sx David Lemieux:

3w4 sp/sx Fallon Fox:
3w4 sp/sx Christopher Gribble:
3w4 sp/sx Sebastian Vettel:
3w4 sp/sx Charlamagne:
3w4 sp/sx Jordan Bratman:
3w4 sp/sx Todd McShay:
3w4 sp/sx Brandon Marshall:
3w4 sp/sx James Hunt:
3w4 sp/sx Chris Noth:
3w4 sp/sx Bode Miller:
3w4 sp/sx Ruth Gordon:
3w4 sp/sx Sasha Vujacic:
3w4 sp/sx B-real:
3w4 sp/sx Slash:
3w4 sp/sx Garrett Wolfe:
3w4 sp/sx Glasses Malone:
3w4 sp/sx Shaka Senghor:
3w4 sp/sx A.J. Hawk:
3w4 sp/sx Arthur Brown, Jr:
3w4 sp/sx Jadaveon Clowney:
3w4 sp/sx George Best:
3w4 sp/sx Darius Miles:
3w4 sp/sx Benecio Del Toro:
3w4 sp/sx Kevin Garnett:
3w4 sp/sx Hulk Hogan:
3w4 sp/sx Gucci Mane:
3w4 sp/sx Joe Mauer:
3w4 sp/sx Ryan Gosling:
3w4 sp/sx Jenson Button:
3w4 sp/sx Marvin Gaye:

3w4 sx/so Janelle Monae:
3w4 sx/so Karla Homolka:
3w4 sx/so Luke Magnotta:
3w4 sx/so Jodi Arias:
3w4 sx/so Andy Warhol:
3w4 sx/so Elliot Rodger:
3w4 sx/so Draya Michelle:

3w4 sx/sp Paul Wesley:
3w4 sx/sp Paul Bernardo:
3w4 sx/sp Jamie Hince:
3w4 sx/sp Shakey Graves:
3w4 sx/sp Chris Martin:
3w4 sx/sp Harry Lucas:
3w4 sx/sp Jordan Kilganon:
3w4 sx/sp Joran Van Der Sloot:
3w4 sx/sp Brad Delp:
3w4 sx/sp Neil Gaiman:
3w4 sx/sp Oded Fehr:
3w4 sx/sp Uri Geller:
3w4 sx/sp Chris Cornell:
3w4 sx/sp David Garrett:
3w4 sx/sp Florence Welch:
3w4 sx/sp Liv Kristine:
3w4 sx/sp Anna Ternheim:
3w4 sx/sp Wentworth Miller:
3w4 sx/sp Josh Ritter:

Fictional 3s

3w2 so/sp: Apollo Creed (Rocky), Tango (American Gangster), Charlie Altamont (Devil's Rejects)
3w2 so/sx: Hud Bannon (Hud)
3w2 sp/so: The Wizard (Wizard of Oz)
3w2 sp/sx: Damon Killian (Running Man), Dean Armitage (Get Out)
3w2 sx/so: Will (Fresh Prince of Bel Air), Lulu (Paid In Full), Miguel (Cobra Kai)
3w2 sx/sp: Billy Loomis (Scream), Mitch (Paid in Full)

3w4 so/sp: Regina George (Mean Girls)
3w4 so/sx: Kathryn (Cruel Intentions)
3w4 sp/so: Kilgrave (Jessica Jones), Pierce (Logan):
3w4 sp/sx: Tracy (Malice)
3w4 sx/so: Tom Ripley (The Talented Mr. Ripley), Gogo Yubari (Kill Bill 2):
3w4 sx/sp: Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)

4w3 so/sp John Gielgud:
4w3 so/sp Ralph Richardson:
4w3 so/sp Maria Callas:
4w3 so/sp Salvador Dali:
4w3 so/sp Laurence Olivier:
4w3 so/sp Roberston Davies:
4w3 so/sp Montgomery Clift:
4w3 so/sp Merce Cunningham:
4w3 so/sp Alec Guiness:
4w3 so/sp Patrick Stewart:
4w3 so/sp Charles Dance:
4w3 so/sp Donald Sutherland:
4w3 so/sp Alan Rickman:
4w3 so/sp Kenneth Anger:
4w3 so/sp John Cleese:
4w3 so/sp Terry Waite:
4w3 so/sp Phil Woods:
4w3 so/sp Anne Rice:
4w3 so/sp Margaruerite Dumas:
4w3 so/sp Andrew LLoyd Webber:
4w3 so/sp Georgina Spelvin:
4w3 so/sp Jacky O'Shaughnessy:
4w3 so/sp Judy Garland:
4w3 so/sp David Lean:
4w3 so/sp Stephen Fry:
4w3 so/sp Colin Wilson:
4w3 so/sp Orson Welles:
4w3 so/sp David Hare:
4w3 so/sp Anna Wintour:
4w3 so/sp Anthony Burgess:
4w3 so/sp Vivian Leigh:

4w3 so/sx David Bowie:
4w3 so/sx Gary Numan:
4w3 so/sx Agnetha:
4w3 so/sx Jimmy Hendrix:
4w3 so/sx Lillo Brancato:
4w3 so/sx Bruce Springsteen:
4w3 so/sx Richard Pryor:
4w3 so/sx Edward Burns:
4w3 so/sx Yancy Butler:
4w3 so/sx Dennis Hopper:
4w3 so/sx Anne Sexton:
4w3 so/sx Bob Dylan:
4w3 so/sx Claudia Black:

4w3 sp/so George Michael:
4w3 sp/so Winona Ryder:
4w3 sp/so Austin Scarlett:
4w3 sp/so Simon Doonan:
4w3 sp/so Patrick Wolf:
4w3 sp/so Owen Pallett:
4w3 sp/so Billy Corgan:
4w3 sp/so Pat Monaghan:
4w3 sp/so Viggo Mortensen:
4w3 sp/so Robert Smith:
4w3 sp/so Charles Spearin:
4w3 sp/so Ian McCulloch:
4w3 sp/so Joseph Fiennes:
4w3 sp/so Kierra Knightley:
4w3 sp/so Jenny Agutter:
4w3 sp/so Win Butler:
4w3 sp/so Simon Callow:
4w3 sp/so Suzanne Vega:
4w3 sp/so Paul Reuben:
4w3 sp/so Keith Ramsey:
4w3 sp/so Gary Oldman:
4w3 sp/so Marc Jacobs:
4w3 sp/so John Holland:
4w3 sp/so Brian Boitano:
4w3 sp/so Jonas Bjerre:
4w3 sp/so Domino Kirke:
4w3 sp/so Eric Balfour:

4w3 sp/sx Tony Leung:
4w3 sp/sx Sufjan Stevens:
4w3 sp/sx Boy George:
4w3 sp/sx Lady Gaga:
4w3 sp/sx Helena Bonham Carter:
4w3 sp/sx Tori Amos:
4w3 sp/sx Laura Marling:
4w3 sp/sx Prince:
4w3 sp/sx Rihanna:
4w3 sp/sx Amelia Curran:
4w3 sp/sx Michael Jackson:
4w3 sp/sx Sonny Moore:
4w3 sp/sx Valeria Lukyanova:
4w3 sp/sx Evan Lysacek:
4w3 sp/sx Evanna Lynch:
4w3 sp/sx Teddy Geiger:
4w3 sp/sx Marc Bolan:
4w3 sp/sx Willie Nelson:
4w3 sp/sx John Paul White:
4w3 sp/sx Jinxx WolfFang:
4w3 sp/sx Natalie Portman:
4w3 sp/sx Devandra Banhart:
4w3 sp/sx Farah Fawcett:
4w3 sp/sx Leslie Van Houten:
4w3 sp/sx Sarah Blasko:
4w3 sp/sx Geraldine Hughes:
4w3 sp/sx Colin Morgan:

4w3 sx/so Mykki Blanco:
4w3 sx/so Frankie Grande:
4w3 sx/so Jeff Buckley:
4w3 sx/so Conor Oberst:
4w3 sx/so Tyler Glenn:
4w3 sx/so Shaun Ross:
4w3 sx/so Cris Angel:
4w3 sx/so Brian Molko:
4w3 sx/so Chloe Sevigny:
4w3 sx/so Davey Havoc:
4w3 sx/so Shane Dawson:
4w3 sx/so Conchita Wurst:
4w3 sx/so Johnny Weir:
4w3 sx/so Richie Rich:
4w3 sx/so Jeffree Star:

4w3 sx/sp Marilyn Manson:
4w3 sx/sp Peter Murphy:
4w3 sx/sp Andrew Eldritch:
4w3 sx/sp Brett Anderson:
4w3 sx/sp Shannon Hoon:
4w3 sx/sp Robert Mapplethorpe:
4w3 sx/sp Morissey:
4w3 sx/sp Elliot Smith:
4w3 sx/sp Eryn Lefkowitz:
4w3 so/sx Ozzy Osbourne:
4w3 sx/sp Chelsea Wolfe:
4w3 sx/sp Delores O'riordan:
4w3 sx/sp Tarja Turunen:
4w3 sx/sp Ariel Burdett:
4w3 sx/sp James Arthur:


4w5 so/sp Gene Wilder:
4w5 so/sp Boney James:
4w5 so/sp Grace Kelly:
4w5 so/sp Audrey Hepburn:
4w5 so/sp Monica Bellucci:
4w5 so/sp Liv Tyler:
4w5 so/sp Evangeline Lane:
4w5 so/sp Rachel McAdams:
4w5 so/sp Melissa Gilbert:
4w5 so/sp Renee Zelwegger:
4w5 so/sp Bjork:
4w5 so/sp Shawn Harris:
4w5 so/sp Dido Armstrong:
4w5 so/sp Johnny Depp:
4w5 so/sp Anthony Hopkins:
4w5 so/sp Dianne Wiest:
4w5 so/sp Heather Mills:
4w5 so/sp Ben Kingsley:
4w5 so/sp Al Pacino:
4w5 so/sp Patrick Duffy:
4w5 so/sp Frank Langella:
4w5 so/sp David Patrick Kelly:
4w5 so/sp Roger Moore:
4w5 so/sp Linehan:
4w5 so/sp Robert Goulet:
4w5 so/sp George Takei:
4w5 so/sp Ashley Madekwe:
4w5 so/sp Miranda Kerr:
4w5 so/sp Marilyn Monroe:
4w5 so/sp Helen Mirren:
4w5 so/sp James Lipton:
4w5 so/sp Jackie Onassis:
4w5 so/sp Annette Benning:

4w5 so/sx Fiona Apple:
4w5 so/sx Giovanni Ribisi:
4w5 so/sx Jared Leto:
4w5 so/sx Scott Weiland:
4w5 so/sx Rufus Wainwright:
4w5 so/sx Michele Tractenberg:
4w5 so/sx Kimbra:
4w5 so/sx Nai Palm:
4w5 so/sx Dylan Farrow:
4w5 so/sx Emily Browning:
4w5 so/sx Amanda Seyfried:
4w5 so/sx Cipriana Quann:
4w5 so/sx Molly Guy:
4w5 so/sx Dakota Fanning:
4w5 so/sx Natalie Merchant:
4w5 so/sx Shannon Doherty:
4w5 so/sx Regina Spektor:
4w5 so/sx Joanna Newsom:
4w5 so/sx Rose Byrne:
4w5 so/sx Joaquin Pheonix:
4w5 so/sx Mary Kate Olsen:
4w5 so/sx Rooney Mara:

4w5 sp/so Elif Shafak:
4w5 sp/so David Fauvre:
4w5 sp/so Matthew Macfadyen:
4w5 sp/so Moby:
4w5 sp/so Michael Stipe:
4w5 sp/so James Spader:
4w5 sp/so Gabriel Byrne:
4w5 sp/so John Malkovich:
4w5 sp/so Gerard Depardieu:
4w5 sp/so Nicole Kidman:
4w5 sp/so Kelly Preston:
4w5 sp/so Ethan Hawke:
4w5 sp/so Liam Neeson:
4w5 sp/so JK Rowling:
4w5 sp/so Pina Bausch:
4w5 sp/so Robert De Niro:
4w5 sp/so William Eggleston:
4w5 sp/so Billy Collins:
4w5 sp/so Raymond Carver:
4w5 sp/so David Mamet:
4w5 sp/so Carol Ann duffy:
4w5 sp/so Ed Harris:
4w5 sp/so Yann Martel:
4w5 sp/so Michael Stipe:

4w5 sp/sx J.D. Salinger:
4w5 sp/sx Yukio Mishima:
4w5 sp/sx Vladimir Nabakov:
4w5 sp/sx Jose Saramego:
4w5 sp/sx Pierre Boulez:
4w5 sp/sx Claudio Abbado:
4w5 sp/sx Forrest Fenn:
4w5 sp/sx TS Elliot:
4w5 sp/sx Ingmar Bergman:
4w5 sp/sx Roman Polanski:
4w5 sp/sx Allan Watts:
4w5 sp/sx Leonard Cohen:
4w5 sp/sx WS Merwin:
4w5 sp/sx Seamus Heaney:
4w5 sp/sx Denis Villeneuve:
4w5 sp/sx Andrei Tarkovsky:
4w5 sp/sx Joni Mitchell:
4w5 sp/sx Francoise Hardy:
4w5 sp/sx Binki Shapiro:
4w5 sp/sx Eva Green:
4w5 sp/sx Charlize Theron:
4w5 sp/sx PJ Harvey:
4w5 sp/sx Sylvia Plath:

4w5 sx/so Phoebe Tonkin:
4w5 sx/so Dita Von Teese:
4w5 sx/so John Cusack:
4w5 sx/so Shannon Sossamon:
4w5 sx/so Zoe Saldana:
4w5 sx/so Sade:
4w5 sx/so MIA:
4w5 sx/so Hillary Duff:
4w5 sx/so Lucy Hale:
4w5 sx/so Kat Dennings:
4w5 sx/so Alanis Morissette:
4w5 sx/so Drew Barrymore:
4w5 sx/so Heath Ledger:
4w5 sx/so Milla Jovovich:
4w5 sx/so Megan Fox:
4w5 sx/so Iggy Azalea:

4w5 sx/sp James Dean: (starts at 1:30)
4w5 sx/sp Jim Morrison:
4w5 sx/sp Angelina Jolie:
4w5 sx/sp Ville Valo:
4w5 sx/sp Don Henrie:
4w5 sx/sp Kembra Pfahler:
4w5 sx/sp Genesis Breyer P-Orridge:
4w5 sx/sp Tavi Gavinson:
4w5 sx/sp Marlon Brando:
4w5 sx/sp Johnnie Cash:
4w5 sx/sp Cher:
4w5 sx/sp Chrissie Hynde:

Fictional 4s:

4w3 so/sp: Beethoven (Immortal Beloved)
4w3 so/sx: Jeanne (Last Tango In Paris)
4w3 sp/so: Blanche Dubois (Streetcar Named Desire)
4w3 sp/sx: Adrian (Rocky III)
4w3 sx/so: Scarlet O'Hara (Gone With The Wind)
4w3 sx/sp: Marla Singer (Fight Club), Alex Delarge (A Clockwork Orange),

4w5 so/sp: Frank Slade (Scent of a Woman)
4w5 so/sx: Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice)
4w5 sp/so: Paul Martel (Unfaithful)
4w5 sp/sx: India Stoker (Stoker)
4w5 sx/so: Ricky Fitz (American Beauty), Eli (Let The Right One In)
4w5 sx/sp: Paul (Last Tango in Paris), Georgina (Girl Interrupted)


5w4 so/sp Paul Krugman:
5w4 so/sp Jon Ronson:
5w4 so/sp Lily Tomlin:
5w4 so/sp Mark Mothersbaugh:
5w4 so/sp David Graeber:
5w4 so/sp John Carmack:
5w4 so/sp William Gibson:
5w4 so/sp Jim Woodring:
5w4 so/sp Stan Lee:
5w4 so/sp David Foster Wallace:
5w4 so/sp Cameron Thompson:
5w4 so/sp Chuck Klosterman:
5w4 so/sp David Chalmers:
5w4 so/sp Ken Wilber:
5w4 so/sp Francis Crick:
5w4 so/sp Richard Dawkins:
5w4 so/sp Ian McEwan:
5w4 so/sp Bill Gates:
5w4 so/sp Olivier Assayas:
5w4 so/sp Jimmy Fricke:
5w4 so/sp Fred Gallagher:
5w4 so/sp Robert Greene:
5w4 so/sp Lisa Randall:
5w4 so/sp David Deutsch:
5w4 so/sp Dean Koontz:

5w4 so/sx John Cale:
5w4 so/sx David Byrne:
5w4 so/sx Pete Townshend:
5w4 so/sx John Frusciante:
5w4 so/sx Justin Schwartz:
5w4 so/sx Patti Smith:
5w4 so/sx Jimmy Page:
5w4 so/sx David Lynch:
5w4 so/sx Ian Curtis:
5w4 so/sx Lou Barlow:
5w4 so/sx John Lennon:
5w4 so/sx Thom Yorke:
5w4 so/sx Jack Dorsey:
5w4 so/sx Steve Albini:
5w4 so/sx Stephane Charbonnier:
5w4 so/sx Julian Assange:

5w4 sp/so Tim Burton:
5w4 sp/so Elvis Costello:
5w4 sp/so Tony Banks:
5w4 sp/so Brian Eno:
5w4 sp/so Jeremy Sossei:
5w4 sp/so Jon Favreau:
5w4 sp/so Barry Greenstein:
5w4 sp/so Gary Sinise:
5w4 sp/so Robert Fripp:
5w4 sp/so Richard Marcus:
5w4 sp/so John Updike:
5w4 sp/so Jello Biafra:
5w4 sp/so Wes Anderson:
5w4 sp/so John Badham: (starts at 1:16)
5w4 sp/so Herbert "Tiny Tim" Khaury:
5w4 sp/so Danny Elfmann:
5w4 sp/so Stephen King:
5w4 sp/so Gary Larson:

5w4 sp/sx Martin Scorsese:
5w4 sp/sx Kay Redfield Jamison:
5w4 sp/sx Paddy Chayevsky:
5w4 sp/sx Elia Kazan:
5w4 sp/sx Vito Acconci:
5w4 sp/sx Wes Craven:
5w4 sp/sx Daniel Day Lewis:
5w4 sp/sx Tim Dry:
5w4 sp/sx Sam Mendes:
5w4 sp/sx Tim Sebastian:
5w4 sp/sx Guillaume del Toro:
5w4 sp/sx Richard Bandler:
5w4 sp/sx George Miller:
5w4 sp/sx Steven Spielberg:
5w4 sp/sx Steven Soderbergh:

5w4 sx/so K.D. Lang:
5w4 sx/so Shepard Fairey:
5w4 sx/so Bryan Singer:
5w4 sx/so Aaron Swartz:
5w4 sx/so Magnus Carlsen:

5w4 sx/sp Nick Cave:
5w4 sx/sp Balthazar Getty:
5w4 sx/sp Trent Reznor:
5w4 sx/sp Jim Jarmusch:
5w4 sx/sp Yolandi Visser:
5w4 sx/sp Aneska:
5w4 sx/sp Kurt Cobain:
5w4 sx/sp Nas:


5w6 so/sp Alan Greenspan:
5w6 so/sp Richard Stallman:
5w6 so/sp Stephen Hawking:
5w6 so/sp Tariq Ali:
5w6 so/sp Lew Rockwell:
5w6 so/sp Fritz Perls:
5w6 so/sp Frank McCourt:
5w6 so/sp Rupert Murdoch:
5w6 so/sp Cornel West:
5w6 so/sp Arthur M. Young:
5w6 so/sp Joe Dimaggio:
5w6 so/sp David Horowitz:
5w6 so/sp Bertrand Russell:
5w6 so/sp MC Escher:
5w6 so/sp CG Jung:
5w6 so/sp James Randy:
5w6 so/sp Richard Geldard:
5w6 so/sp Alfred Hitchcock:
5w6 so/sp Madeleine L'Engle:
5w6 so/sp Sara Maitland:
5w6 so/sp Milton Friedman:
5w6 so/sp Walter Block:
5w6 so/sp Leon Panetta:
5w6 so/sp John Ford:
5w6 so/sp Guy Maddin:

5w6 so/sx Susan Sontag:
5w6 so/sx Mario Puzo:
5w6 so/sx Patrick Nee:
5w6 so/sx Salman Rushdie:
5w6 so/sx Larry Clark:
5w6 so/sx Ted Kaczynski: (news footage)

5w6 sp/so Albert Einstein:
5w6 sp/so Albert Hoffman:
5w6 sp/so Robert Ornstein:
5w6 sp/so Robert Hare: (ends at 7:47)
5w6 sp/so Michael Stone:
5w6 sp/so Robert Frager:
5w6 sp/so Paul Samuelson:
5w6 sp/so Nick Herbert:
5w6 sp/so John Nash:
5w6 sp/so Joan Didion:
5w6 sp/so Jane Campion:
5w6 sp/so John Cage:
5w6 sp/so Michael Harner:
5w6 sp/so Michael Crichton:
5w6 sp/so Katherine Neville:
5w6 sp/so Ursula K. Leguin:
5w6 sp/so Italo Calvino:
5w6 sp/so Carl Sagan:
5w6 sp/so Cynthia Ozick:
5w6 sp/so William S. Burroughs:
5w6 sp/so Steven Hayes:
5w6 sp/so Stanley Kubrick:
5w6 sp/so Steven Wright:
5w6 sp/sx A.H. Almaas:
5w6 sp/sx Claudio Naranjo:
5w6 sp/sx Arvo Part:
5w6 sp/sx Sigmund Freud: (audio)
5w6 sp/sx Ricky Jay:
5w6 sp/sx Wim Wenders:
5w6 sp/sx Isaac Asimov:
5w6 sp/sx Jacob Bronowski:
5w6 sp/sx Werner Herzog:
5w6 sp/sx Frank Ochberg:
5w6 sp/sx Nicolas Roeg:
5w6 sp/sx Park Dietz:
5w6 sp/sx Aubrey De Grey:
5w6 sp/sx Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan:
5w6 sp/sx Neal Stephensen:
5w6 sp/sx Kim Stanley Robinson:
5w6 sp/sx Alexander Shulgin:

5w6 sx/so Leon Trotsky:
5w6 sx/so Jean-Paul Sartre:
5w6 sx/so Howard Hughes:

5w6 sx/sp Bobby Fischer:
5w6 sx/sp Brett Keane:
5w6 sx/sp Cody Wilson:
5w6 sx/sp Russell Glasser:
5w6 sx/sp Mark Dead:
5w6 sx/sp Nikolas Schreck:
5w6 sx/sp Robert Lazar:
5w6 sx/sp Issei Sagawa:
Fictional 5s:

5w4 so/sp: Danny Vinyard (American History X)
5w4 so/sx: Will Hunting (Good Will Hunting)
5w4 sp/so: Kobayashi (Usual Suspects), Hercule Poirot (Murder on the Orient Express)
5w4 sp/sx: the Oracle (Matrix)
5w4 sx/so: Christian Wolff (the Accountant), Baby (Baby Driver):
5w4 sx/sp: Matihlda (the Professional), Jessica Jones (Jessica Jones)

5w6 so/sp: Emperor Palpatine (Return of the Jedi), Niander Wallace (Blade Runner 2049)
5w6 so/sx: Lisbeth Salander (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
5w6 sp/so: Dr. Loomis (Halloween), Spyglass (Atomic Blonde)
5w6 sp/sx: Deckard (Blade Runner)
5w6 sx/so: Kurtz (apocalypse now), Michael Corleone (Godfather)
5w6 sx/sp: Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs)


6w5 so/sp Benito Mussolini:
6w5 so/sp Keny Arkana:
6w5 so/sp Muammar Gaddafi:
6w5 so/sp Luis Felipe:
6w5 so/sp Felipe Coronel:
6w5 so/sp Earl Strickland:
6w5 so/sp Mike:

6w5 so/sp GG Allin:
6w5 so/sp Jerome Young:
6w5 so/sp Iron Sheik:
6w5 so/sp Marguerite Perin:
6w5 so/sp Tony Smith:
6w5 so/sp Alex Jones:
6w5 so/sp Jonathan Lyle:

6w5 so/sx Charles Manson:
6w5 so/sx Nicky Barnes:
6w5 so/sx David Koresh:
6w5 so/sx Robert Blake:
6w5 so/sx Patrick McKenna:
6w5 so/sx Larry Harrington:
6w5 so/sx Kim Fowley:
6w5 so/sx Harry Crews:
6w5 so/sx Chopper Read:
6w5 so/sx Sanyika Shakur:
6w5 so/sx Hank Skinner:
6w5 so/sx Steven Thoen:
6w5 so/sx Chad Huntslinger:
6w5 so/sx "Charlotte":
6w5 so/sx Jeremy Christian:
6w5 so/sx Dakota Joe:
6w5 so/sx Joanna Dennehy:
6w5 so/sx Angela Simpson:
6w5 so/sx Mick Philpott:

6w5 so/sx Angry Grandpa:

6w5 sp/so John "Sniper" Mohammed:
6w5 sp/so Bill O'reilly:
6w5 sp/so Christopher Pallies ("King Kong Bundy"):
6w5 sp/so Ed Schultz:
6w5 sp/so Judge Joe Brown:
6w5 sp/so Howard Dean:
6w5 sp/so Jim Braude:
6w5 sp/so Jeff Dee:
6w5 sp/so Bobby Kennedy:
6w5 sp/so Vicente Fox:
6w5 sp/so Joe Pyne:

6w5 sp/so Alexander Lukashenko:
6w5 sp/so Kerry Packer:
6w5 sp/so "Patriot Nurse":
6w5 sp/so Erwin Rommel:
6w5 sp/so J Edgar Hoover:
6w5 sp/so Gary Pinkel:
6w5 sp/so Joseph McCarthy:
6w5 sp/so Harvey Walden:
6w5 sp/so Steve Wilkos:
6w5 sp/so Allen Coage:
6w5 sp/so Bas Rutten:
6w5 sp/so Joe Egan:
6w5 sp/so Stephen French:
6w5 sp/so Rick Rude:
6w5 sp/so Norman Stone:
6w5 sp/so Ozzie Guillen:
6w5 sp/so Tommy Lasorda:
6w5 sp/so Wally George:
6w5 sp/so Pekka Siitoin:
6w5 sp/so Jim Cornette:
6w5 sp/so George Galloway:
6w5 sp/so Buzz Williams:

6w5 sp/so Albert Reading:
6w5 sp/so Neil Ruddock:

6w5 sp/so Sue Hawk:
6w5 sp/so Bartley Gorman:
6w5 sp/so Michael Kuhr:

6w5 sp/so Mirko Cro Cop:
6w5 sp/so Chuck Lidell:
6w5 sp/so Andrei Arlovksi:
6w5 sp/so Hanna Bohman:
6w5 sp/so Brock Lesnar:
6w5 sp/so Amanda Nunes:

6w5 sp/sx James Gandolfini:
6w5 sp/sx Dean Norris:
6w5 sp/sx James Caan:
6w5 sp/sx John Alite:
6w5 sp/sx Tony Sirico:

6w5 sp/sx Frank Gifford:
6w5 sp/sx Michael Corcelli:
6w5 sp/sx Dolph Lundgren:
6w5 sp/sx Lou Ferrigno:
6w5 sp/sx George Clooney:
6w5 sp/sx Denzel Washington:
6w5 sp/sx Tom Selleck:
6w5 sp/sx Dash Mihok:

6w5 sp/sx Vincent D'Onofrio:
6w5 sp/sx Ethan Suplee:
6w5 sp/sx Joe Namath:
6w5 sp/sx Joe Maddon:
6w5 sp/sx Mikka Hakkinen:
6w5 sp/sx Dominic Purcell:
6w5 sp/sx Scott Hall:
6w5 sp/sx Daniel Craig:
6w5 sp/sx Chris Kyle:
6w5 sp/sx Seth Feroce:
6w5 sp/sx Jose Canseco:
6w5 sp/sx Bill Goldberg:
6w5 sp/sx Sebastian Junger:

6w5 sp/sx Vinnie Jones:
6w5 sp/sx Andrew Golota:
6w5 sp/sx Chuck Zito:
6w5 sp/sx Joey Diaz:
6w5 sp/sx Sylvester Stallone:
6w5 sp/sx Ric Flair:
6w5 sp/sx Gianni Russo:
6w5 sp/sx Steven Seagal:
6w5 sp/sx Dorian Yates:
6w5 sp/sx Anthony George:
6w5 sp/sx Michael Madsen:

6w5 sp/sx Paul Newman:
6w5 sp/sx Dan Severn:
6w5 sp/sx George Chuvalo:
6w5 sp/sx Big Herc:
6w5 sp/sx "Legend" Billy Graham:

6w5 sx/so John Veasey:
6w5 sx/so Peter McNeeley:
6w5 sx/so Russell Tyrone Jones:
6w5 sx/so Peter Steele:
6w5 sx/so Joe Barboza:
6w5 sx/so Booker T:

6w5 sx/so Lawrence Taylor:
6w5 sx/so Kristijan Golubovic:
6w5 sx/so Lyle Alzado:
6w5 sx/so Till Lindemann:
6w5 sx/so Redman:
6w5 sx/so DMX:
6w5 sx/so Sticky Fingaz:
6w5 sx/so Candace Kucsulain:
6w5 sx/so MC Jean Gaban:
6w5 sx/so Shannon Clagett:
6w5 sx/so Kurupt:

6w5 sx/sp Marshall Mathers:
6w5 sx/sp Alpo Martinez:
6w5 sx/sp Vic Mensa:
6w5 sx/sp Otep Shamaya:
6w5 sx/sp Axl Rose:
6w5 sx/sp Eazy E:
6w5 sx/sp Marian Anderson:

6w5 sx/sp Zeena Schreck:
6w5 sx/sp Maja Ivarsson:
6w5 sx/sp Manafest:
6w5 sx/sp Jeffrey Dahmer:
6w5 sx/sp David Rice:
6w5 sx/sp Varg Vikernes:
6w5 sx/sp Fairuza Balk:
6w5 sx/sp John Hughes:

6w5 sx/sp Doug Pollander:
6w5 sx/sp Joshua Miner:
6w5 sx/sp Richard Wershe ("White Boy Rick"):
6w5 sx/sp Andrew Chambers:

6w5 sx/sp Troy Kell:
6w5 sx/sp Jesse James Hollywood:
6w5 sx/sp Scott Frost:


6w7 so/sp George Bush Jr.:
6w7 so/sp Rodrigo Duterte:
6w7 so/sp Nicky Scarfo:
6w7 so/sp Jazmina Saavedra:
6w7 so/sp Ted Kennedy:
6w7 so/sp Newt Gingrich:
6w7 so/sp Slobodan Milosevich:
6w7 so/sp Scott Israel:
6w7 so/sp Bobby Ferdinand:
6w7 so/sp John Gotti:
6w7 so/sp Jimmy Hoffa:
6w7 so/sp Griselda Blanco:
6w7 so/sp Frank Sinatra:
6w7 so/sp Richard Preston:
6w7 so/sp Joey Cantalupo:
6w7 so/sp Tariel Oniani:
6w7 so/sp Suge Knight:
6w7 so/sp Joey Buttafuoco:
6w7 so/sp Vince Russo:
6w7 so/sp Giovanni Gambino:
6w7 so/sp Gerry Cooney:
6w7 so/sp Sheila:
6w7 so/sp Judge Chrzanowski:
6w7 so/sp Brian Claypool:

6w7 so/sp Don Fry:
6w7 so/sp Paddy Doherty:
6w7 so/sp Shaun Smith:
6w7 so/sp Brian Cockerill:

6w7 so/sx Sidney "squid" Silver:
6w7 so/sx Tupac Shakur:
6w7 so/sx Tiffany Pollard:
6w7 so/sx Azealia Banks:
6w7 so/sx "Courtney":
6w7 so/sx Gumby Martinez:
6w7 so/sx Gavin Long:
6w7 so/sx Danielle Bregoli:
6w7 so/sx Damon Dash:
6w7 so/sx Lester Green:
6w7 so/sx Chris Tamburello:

6w7 so/sx Jason Lowery:
6w7 so/sx Ayanna Mackins:

6w7 sp/so Merlin Mann:
6w7 sp/so William Kassuof:
6w7 sp/so Steven Zahn:
6w7 sp/so James Marshall:
6w7 sp/so Steve Digiorgio:
6w7 sp/so Nathan Larson:
6w7 sp/so Craig Linkowski:
6w7 sp/so EJ Arendee:
6w7 sp/so M13:
6w7 sp/so Ryan Berk:
6w7 sp/so Lou Reed:
6w7 sp/so Steve McQueen:
6w7 sp/so Mel Gibson:

6w7 sp/so James Hetfield:
6w7 sp/so Tim Kennedy:
6w7 sp/so Jason Blaha:
6w7 sp/so Brian Bates:
6w7 sp/so Rob Thomas:
6w7 sp/so Robert Redford:
6w7 sp/so Michael Shanks:
6w7 sp/so Joel Mchale:

6w7 sp/so Ed Norton:
6w7 sp/so Scott Mechlowicz:
6w7 sp/so Marie Ospina:
6w7 sp/so John Mayer:
6w7 sp/so Phil Helmuth:

6w7 sp/so Warren Beatty:
6w7 sp/so Jason O'Mara:
6w7 sp/so Jensen Ackles:

6w7 sp/so Annabelle Charbit:
6w7 sp/so Keegan Connor:
6w7 sp/so Erik Knudsen:
6w7 sp/so Alissa York:
6w7 sp/so Dan Inosanto:

6w7 sp/so Karen Straughan:
6w7 sp/so Stephen Colbert:
6w7 sp/so John Oliver:
6w7 sp/so David Letterman:
6w7 sp/so Al Franken:
6w7 sp/so Lindsey Graham:
6w7 sp/so Jimmy Kimmel:

6w7 sp/so Kal Penn:
6w7 sp/so Jay Leno:
6w7 sp/so Johnny Carson:
6w7 sp/so Sean Hannity:
6w7 sp/so David Haye:
6w7 sp/so Katie Couric: (starts at 0:28)
6w7 sp/so Phil Donahue:
6w7 sp/so Anthony Perkins:
6w7 sp/so Harrison Ford:
6w7 sp/so Cass Sunstein:
6w7 sp/so John Henry:
6w7 sp/so Donna Hare:
6w7 sp/so Antonya Nelson:
6w7 sp/so Tom Glavine:
6w7 sp/so William Schaffner:
6w7 sp/so Owen Coyle:
6w7 sp/so Chuck Norris:
6w7 sp/so Gene Hackman:
6w7 sp/so George Anthony:
6w7 sp/so John Walsh:
6w7 sp/so Eric Greif:
6w7 sp/so Faraz Jaka:
6w7 sp/so John Grisham:
6w7 sp/so Gavin Harrison:
6w7 sp/so Stephen Collins:
6w7 sp/so Malcolm Mcdowell:
6w7 sp/so Alex Rocco:
6w7 sp/so Steve Buscemi:

6w7 sp/so Hugh Laurie:
6w7 sp/so Jake Gyllenhaal:
6w7 sp/so Paul Thomas Anderson:
6w7 sp/so Julia Roberts:
6w7 sp/so Seth Green:
6w7 sp/so Mark Dice:
6w7 sp/so David Icke:
6w7 sp/so Magnus Scheving:
6w7 sp/so Ty Pennington:
6w7 sp/so George Ross:
6w7 sp/so Dermot Mulroney:
6w7 sp/so Mark Valley:
6w7 sp/so Lloyd Kaufman:
6w7 sp/so Larry David:
6w7 sp/so John Oliver:
6w7 sp/so Torquil Campbell:
6w7 sp/so Dan Vapid:
6w7 sp/so Ron Paul:
6w7 sp/so Al Capp:
6w7 sp/so David Daniels:
6w7 sp/so Jerry Stiller:
6w7 sp/so Jordan Maxwell:
6w7 sp/so Lundy Bancroft:
6w7 sp/so Eric Cantor:
6w7 sp/so Thom Hartman:
6w7 sp/so Marc Maron:
6w7 sp/so Tom Green:
6w7 sp/so Adam Sandler:
6w7 sp/so Jack Lemmon:
6w7 sp/so William Russ:
6w7 sp/so Craig Thompson:
6w7 sp/so David Spade:
6w7 sp/so Dan Aykroyd:
6w7 sp/so Stephen Malkmus:
6w7 sp/so Jason Alexander:
6w7 sp/so Mike Tidwell:
6w7 sp/so Andy Richter:
6w7 sp/so Paul Fitzgerald:
6w7 sp/so Tom Snyder:
6w7 sp/so Jeffrey Mishlove:
6w7 sp/so Brett Dennen:
6w7 sp/so Ewan McGregor:
6w7 sp/so Kevin McKidd:
6w7 sp/so Ethan Embry:
6w7 sp/so Chris Daughtry:
6w7 sp/so Jeffrey Donovan:
6w7 sp/so Timothy Omundson:
6w7 sp/so Neal Peart:
6w7 sp/so Dylan Walsh:
6w7 sp/so Clive Cussler:
6w7 sp/so J.R. Bourne:
6w7 sp/so Syrie Moskowitz:
6w7 sp/so Mary Tyler Moore:
6w7 sp/so Melissa Morris:
6w7 sp/so Kerry Sanders:
6w7 sp/so Lindsay Zywiciel:
6w7 sp/so Leah Mouse:

6w7 sp/sx Simone Simons:

6w7 sp/sx Kathryn Bigelow:
6w7 sp/sx Lenka Kripac:

6w7 sp/sx Claire Forlani:
6w7 sp/sx Mia Kirshner:
6w7 sp/sx Mattie Barringer:
6w7 sp/sx Caroline Kreiger:
6w7 sp/sx Evan Ramsey:
6w7 sp/sx Ceciley:
6w7 sp/sx Meg Myers:
6w7 sp/sx Samir Nasri:
6w7 sp/sx Vinny Guadagnino:
6w7 sp/sx Luis Suarez:
6w7 sp/sx Sam Worthington:
6w7 sp/sx Matt Sorum:
6w7 sp/sx Woody Allen:
6w7 sp/sx Larry Nassar:
6w7 sp/sx Dorthia Cottrell:
6w7 sp/sx Misty Dawn:
6w7 sp/sx Judy Davis:
6w7 sp/sx Krysta Cameron:
6w7 sp/sx Nathaniel Bart:
6w7 sp/sx Jordan Rodgers:
6w7 sp/sx "Michael":
6w7 sp/sx Wamahu Waferu:
6w7 sp/sx Mira Sorvino:
6w7 sp/sx Caroline Dhavernas:
6w7 sp/sx Laura Pleasants:
6w7 sp/sx Louis Ferrante:
6w7 sp/sx Laura Lafrate:
6w7 sp/sx Kim Mathers:
6w7 sp/sx Tashera Simmons:
6w7 sp/sx Afton Burton:
6w7 sp/sx Ellen Page:
6w7 sp/sx Zoe Tapper:
6w7 sp/sx Jennifer Finch:
6w7 sp/sx Mina Tander:
6w7 sp/sx Padma:
6w7 sp/sx Julianna Huxtable:
6w7 sp/sx Chloe Norgaard:
6w7 sp/sx Jane McGonigal:
6w7 sp/sx Stoya:
6w7 sp/sx Cate Hall:
6w7 sp/sx Aubrey Plaza:
6w7 sp/sx Annette Obrestad:
6w7 sp/sx Emma Watson:
6w7 sp/sx Sarah Anthony:
6w7 sp/sx Amanda Palmer:
6w7 sp/sx Lindsay Ellis:
6w7 sp/sx Veronica Ricci:
6w7 sp/sx Ashley C. Williams:

6w7 sx/so Lisa D'amato:

6w7 sx/so Veronica Portillo:
6w7 sx/so Amy Macdonald:
6w7 sx/so Onya Cox:
6w7 sx/so Brutus Beefcake:
6w7 sx/so Coral Korrupt:
6w7 sx/so Houston 500:
6w7 sx/so Angelina Valentine:
6w7 sx/so Jenna Jameson:
6w7 sx/so Kendra Wilkinson:
6w7 sx/so Abi Maria Gomes:

6w7 sx/so Tonya Cooley:
6w7 sx/so Ronnie Ortiz:
6w7 sx/so Vin Diesel:
6w7 sx/so Rich Pianna:
6w7 sx/so Nataliya Kuznetsova:
6w7 sx/so Rob Van Winkle:
6w7 sx/so Raven Riley:
6w7 sx/so Lynn Love:
6w7 sx/so Pamela Anderson:
6w7 sx/so War Machine:
6w7 sx/so Lana Parilla:
6w7 sx/so Tammy Sytch:
6w7 sx/so Daniel Messe:
6w7 sx/so Katie Mcgrath:
6w7 sx/so Roxanna Shirazi:
6w7 sx/so Karinne Steffans:
6w7 sx/so Belladonna:
6w7 sx/so Judd Nelson:
6w7 sx/so Cory Kennedy:

6w7 sx/so Kathleen Hanna:

6w7 sx/sp Mike Tyson:
6w7 sx/sp Chris Leben:
6w7 sx/sp Joe Rogan:

6w7 sx/sp Mel Chancey:
6w7 sx/sp Chyna:

6w7 sx/sp Mark Wahlberg:
6w7 sx/sp "Dominique":
6w7 sx/sp Tracy Emin:

6w7 sx/sp Alissa White-Gluz:
6w7 sx/sp Kerry King:
6w7 sx/sp Jim Neidhart:
6w7 sx/sp Tank Abbott:

Fictional 6s

6w5 so/sp: Derrek Vinyard (American History X)
6w5 so/sx: Randall McMurphy (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), Ronnie (Halloween 2007)
6w5 sp/so: John Wydell (Devil's Rejects)
6w5 sp/sx: Bruce Wayne/Batman (Batman), John Rambo (First Blood)
6w5 sx/so: Drexel (True Romance)
6w5 sx/sp: Ryan O'reilly (Oz), Jeremy Armitage (Get Out):, Ace Merill (Stand By Me)

6w7 so/sp: Tony Soprano (Sopranos), Arty (King of New York)
6w7 so/sx: Bishop (Juice), Sonny Corleone (Godfather)
6w7 sp/so: Mark Baum (The Big Short), Mike Barnes (Karate Kid III)
6w7 sp/sx: Mallory Knox (Natural Born Killers), Rose (Get Out), Luv (Blade Runner 2049):
6w7 sx/so: Baby Firefly (House of a 1000 Corpses), Johnny Lawrence (Karate Kid):
6w7 sx/sp: Pope (Animal Kingdom - Series):, Bobby Kent (Bully), Officer Dixon (Three Billboards)


7w6 so/sp Jesse Ventura:
7w6 so/sp Lenny Persin:
7w6 so/sp Marvin Aday:
7w6 so/sp Chris Matthews:
7w6 so/sp Frank Luntz:
7w6 so/sp Matt Dillahunty:
7w6 so/sp Winston Churchill:
7w6 so/sp Hugo Chavez:
7w6 so/sp Rush Limbaugh:
7w6 so/sp Chris Christie:
7w6 so/sp Elisabeth Hasselbeck:
7w6 so/sp Rachel Maddow:
7w6 so/sp Rosie O'donnell:
7w6 so/sp Danny Basavich:
7w6 so/sp Andy Milonakis:
7w6 so/sp Jack Black:
7w6 so/sp Frank Caliendo:
7w6 so/sp Louis CK:
7w6 so/sp Steve Ballmer:
7w6 so/sp George Lopez:
7w6 so/sp Eric Bolling:
7w6 so/sp Robert Wuhl:
7w6 so/sp Greg Gutfeld:
7w6 so/sp Rachel Ray:
7w6 so/sp Trista Giese:
7w6 so/sp Paulie Malignaggi:
7w6 so/sp Alexyss K Tylor:
7w6 so/sp Dennis Rodman:
7w6 so/sp Katherine Thomas:
7w6 so/sp Anne Coulter:
7w6 so/sp Lisa Lampanelli:

7w6 so/sx Adele Adkins:
7w6 so/sx Andy Kaufman:
7w6 so/sx Bob Guccione Jr:
7w6 so/sx Robert Downey Jr.
7w6 so/sx Jerry Rubin:
7w6 so/sx Larry Flynt:
7w6 so/sx Sam Peckinpah:
7w6 so/sx Jaco Pastorius:
7w6 so/sx Hunter Thompson:
7w6 so/sx Jason 'Snake':
7w6 so/sx Mickey Rourke:
7w6 so/sx Sean Penn:
7w6 so/sx John Cassavetes:
7w6 so/sx Henry Hill:
7w6 so/sx Ayrton Senna:
7w6 so/sx Ben Affleck:
7w6 so/sx Natalia Kills:
7w6 so/sx Lindsay Lohan:
7w6 so/sx Lizzo:
7w6 so/sx Rebel Wilson:
7w6 so/sx Karen Orsted:
7w6 so/sx Chloe Victoria:
7w6 so/sx Richard Coughlan:
7w6 so/sx Cyndi Lauper:
7w6 so/sx Robin Williams:

7w6 sp/so Warren Buffett:
7w6 sp/so Billy Wilder:
7w6 sp/so Tim Caine:
7w6 sp/so Andrew Weil:
7w6 sp/so Marvin Minsky:
7w6 sp/so Antonio Damasio:
7w6 sp/so Daniel Dennet:
7w6 sp/so Robert Caro:
7w6 sp/so Malcolm Forbes:
7w6 sp/so Amazing Kreskin:
7w6 sp/so Ron Chernow:
7w6 sp/so Mark Zuckerberg:
7w6 sp/so Fred Alan Wolf:
7w6 sp/so Nassim Taleb:
7w6 sp/so Sidney Lumet:
7w6 sp/so Juan Martinez:
7w6 sp/so Paul Simon:
7w6 sp/so Viktor Frankl:
7w6 sp/so Fouad Ajami:
7w6 sp/so William Sharpe:
7w6 sp/so Laurie Santos:
7w6 sp/so Freeman Dyson:
7w6 sp/so John Dos Passos:
7w6 sp/so Charles Huddlestone:
7w6 sp/so Oliver Sacks:
7w6 sp/so William Goldsmith:
7w6 sp/so Scott Adams:
7w6 sp/so Brian Greene:
7w6 sp/so Matthew Lesko:
7w6 sp/so Adam Savage:
7w6 sp/so Jeff Goldblum:
7w6 sp/so Angela Duckworth:
7w6 sp/so Groucho Marx:
7w6 sp/so Eugene Levy:
7w6 sp/so Steve Martin:
7w6 sp/so Jonathan Strickland:
7w6 sp/so Chuck The Movie Guy:
7w6 sp/so Frankie Muniz:
7w6 sp/so Harold Ramis:
7w6 sp/so Chevy Chase:
7w6 sp/so Raymond Teller:
7w6 sp/so Vince Gilligan:
7w6 sp/so Gene Siskel:
7w6 sp/so Joel Brodsky:

7w6 sp/sx Mark Cuban:
7w6 sp/sx Larry Ellison:
7w6 sp/sx Richard Branson:
7w6 sp/sx Anthony Bourdain:
7w6 sp/sx David Brenner:
7w6 sp/sx Jon Kabat-Zinn:
7w6 sp/sx Pat Martino:
7w6 sp/sx Chris Collingwood:
7w6 sp/sx Jeremy Wade:
7w6 sp/sx Alain Prost:
7w6 sp/sx Freddie Prinze Jr:
7w6 sp/sx Bob Arno:
7w6 sp/sx Goldie Hawn:
7w6 sp/sx Kevin Federline:
7w6 sp/sx Anne Heche:
7w6 sp/sx Ashton Kutcher:
7w6 sp/sx Eddie Murphy:
7w6 sp/sx Jim Carrey:
7w6 sp/sx Peter Kay:
7w6 sp/sx Carrot Top:
7w6 sp/sx James Belushi:
7w6 sp/sx Pauly Shore:
7w6 sp/sx Reggie Bannister:
7w6 sp/sx Bill Murray:
7w6 sp/sx Max Frewer:
7w6 sp/sx Cassandra Peterson:
7w6 sp/sx Larry Rivers:
7w6 sp/sx Dave Lombardo:
7w6 sp/sx Peter Jackson:
7w6 sp/sx Joe Perry:
7w6 sp/sx Alice Cooper:
7w6 sp/sx Ernie Hudson:
7w6 sp/sx James Coburn:
7w6 sp/sx Tim Armstrong:
7w6 sp/sx David Proval:
7w6 sp/sx Peter Max:
7w6 sp/sx Ronnie O'sullivan:
7w6 sp/sx James Woods:
7w6 sp/sx David Ulliot:
7w6 sp/sx Quentin Tarantino:
7w6 sp/sx Tommy Lee:
7w6 sp/sx Michael Imperioli:
7w6 sp/sx Steven Tyler:
7w6 sp/sx Robert Englund:
7w6 sp/sx Jack Nicholson:
7w6 sp/sx Michael Keaton:
7w6 sp/sx Danny DeVito:
7w6 sp/sx Kevin Spacey:
7w6 sp/sx Cary Grant:
7w6 sp/sx Christian Berkel:
7w6 sp/sx Bruce Willis:

7w6 sx/so Gary Busey:
7w6 sx/so Charlie Sheen:
7w6 sx/so Corey Feldman:
7w6 sx/so Jerry Lee Lewis:
7w6 sx/so Buddy Rich:
7w6 sx/so Janis Joplin:
7w6 sx/so Brian Wilson:
7w6 sx/so Linda Lovelace:

7w6 sx/sp Watkin Tudor Jones:
7w6 sx/sp Tallulah Willis:
7w6 sx/sp Johnny Rotten:
7w6 sx/sp Natalie Jacobsen:
7w6 sx/sp Lemmy Kilmister:
7w6 sx/sp Ice T:
7w6 sx/sp Liam Gallagher:
7w6 sx/sp Nina Hagen:
7w6 sx/sp Alexander Mcqueen:
7w6 sx/sp Billy Idol:
7w6 sx/sp Sid Vicious:
7w6 sx/sp Conor Mcgregor:
7w6 sx/sp Stu Ungar:
7w6 sx/sp Richard Morales Jr. ("gunplay"):
7w6 sx/sp Eldon Hoke:
7w6 sx/sp Puck:
7w6 sx/sp Phil Laak:

7w6 sx/sp Marlon Grennan:
7w6 sx/sp Mad Dog Deon:
7w6 sx/sp Madchild:
7w6 sx/sp Lee Aaron:
7w6 sx/sp Jorn Stubberud:


7w8 so/sp John F. Kennedy:
7w8 so/sp George Patton:
7w8 so/sp Summer:
7w8 so/sp Tony Spilotro:
7w8 so/sp Quanell X:
7w8 so/sp Kre Kre:
7w8 so/sp Roddy Piper:
7w8 so/sp Bishop Don Juan:

7w8 so/sp Dave Courtney:
7w8 so/sp Weckingball:
7w8 so/sp Randy Savage:
7w8 so/sp Wan Kuok-Koi:
7w8 so/sp Manuel Noriega:
7w8 so/sp Nathan Barksdale:

7w8 so/sx Big Meech:
7w8 so/sx Diego Maradona:
7w8 so/sx Viktor Bout:
7w8 so/sx Heidi Fleiss:
7w8 so/sx Courtney Love:
7w8 so/sx Joey Gallo:
7w8 so/sx Richard Ramirez:
7w8 so/sx Jasmine St. Claire:
7w8 so/sx Jayceon Taylor:
7w8 so/sx Julia Merfeld:
7w8 so/sx Janine Lindemulder:
7w8 so/sx Kelly Cutrone:

7w8 sp/so Henry Miller:
7w8 sp/so Wilt Chamberlain:
7w8 sp/so Buddy Cianci:
7w8 sp/so Nikolas Sarkozy:
7w8 sp/so Willard Scott:
7w8 sp/so Gorilla Monsoon:
7w8 sp/so Larry King:
7w8 sp/so Ivan Boesky:
7w8 sp/so Don King:
7w8 sp/so Steve Wynn:
7w8 sp/so L Ron Hubbard:
7w8 sp/so Pim Fortuyn:
7w8 sp/so Antonio Fernandez:

7w8 sp/sx Simon Cowell:
7w8 sp/sx Nicholas Von Hoogstraten:
7w8 sp/sx Robert Evans:
7w8 sp/sx Bob Guccione:
7w8 sp/sx Vincent Gigante:
7w8 sp/sx Gene Simmons:
7w8 sp/sx Sam Chachoua:
7w8 sp/sx Brotha Lynch:
7w8 sp/sx Larry Hagman:
7w8 sp/sx Robert Shapiro:
7w8 sp/sx Howard Stern:
7w8 sp/sx Chuck Traynor:
7w8 sp/sx Pete Weber:
7w8 sp/sx Shaquille O'neal:

7w8 sx/so Vinny Pazienza:
7w8 sx/so Tommy Perna:
7w8 sx/so Bobby Brown:
7w8 sx/so Drita D'Avanzo:
7w8 sx/so Fredro Starr:
7w8 sx/so Jennifer Farley:
7w8 sx/so Pamela Peaks:
7w8 sx/so Leah Remini:
7w8 sx/so Faith Evans:
7w8 sx/so Mercedes Ashley:
7w8 sx/so Traci Lords:
7w8 sx/so Lexa Doig:
7w8 sx/so Laura San Giacomo:

7w8 sx/sp Kirk Douglas:
7w8 sx/sp Paul Orndorff:
7w8 sx/sp Ernest Hemingway:
7w8 sx/sp
Elaine Stritch:
7w8 sx/sp Vladek Kowalski:
7w8 sx/sp Joan Rivers:
7w8 sx/sp Lucille Ball:

7w8 sx/sp Phil Spector:
7w8 sx/sp Katy Jurado:
7w8 sx/sp Maria Felix:
7w8 sx/sp Joan Crawford:

Fictional 7s:

7w6 so/sp: Seth (American History X)
7w6 so/sx: Susan (Desperately Seeking Susan), Charlie (Three billboards)
7w6 sp/so: Scarecrow (the Wizard of Oz)
7w6 sp/sx: Captain Spaulding (Devil's Rejects)
7w6 sx/so: Renton (Trainspotting)
7w6 sx/sp: Christopher Moltisanti (Sopranos), David Percival (Atomic Blonde)

7w8 so/sp: Tuco Salamanca (Breaking Bad), Tommy (Goodfellas)
7w8 so/sx: Nino Brown (New Jack City), Cruella De Vil
7w8 sp/so: Gordon Gekko (Wall Street), Larry Garfield (Other People's Money), Terry Silver (Karate Kid III)
7w8 sp/sx: Daryl Van Horne (Witches of Eastwick), John Milton (Devil's Advocate)
7w8 sx/so: Cookie Lyon (Empire), O-dog (Menace to Society)
7w8 sx/sp: Rhett Butler (Gone with the Wind), Wade Hunnicutt (Home From The Hill)


8w7 so/sp Joe Kennedy Sr.:
8w7 so/sp John Gilligan:
8w7 so/sp James Bulger:
8w7 so/sp Carmine Galante:
8w7 so/sp Frank Lucas:
8w7 so/sp Huey Long:

8w7 so/sx Fidel Castro:
8w7 so/sx Bette Davis:
8w7 so/sx Betty Friedan:
8w7 so/sx Geoffrey Fieger:

8w7 sp/so Efrain Rios:
8w7 sp/so Roberto Suarez:
8w7 sp/so Licio Gelli:
8w7 sp/so Hans Eynsenck:
8w7 sp/so Bruno Bettelheim:
8w7 sp/so Kim Sung IL:
8w7 sp/so Josip Tito:
8w7 sp/so Ty Cobb:
8w7 sp/so Papa Doc Duvalier:

8w7 sp/sx Leona Helmsley:
8w7 sp/sx Fabulous Moolah:
8w7 sp/sx Bonnie Lee Bakley:
8w7 sp/sx Kathleen Pettingill:
8w7 sp/sx Sante Kimes:

8w7 sx/so Pablo Escobar:
8w7 sx/so Bella Abzug:
8w7 sx/so Martin Luther King Jr.:
8w7 sx/so Jim Jones:
8w7 sx/so Al Capone:
8w7 sx/so Idi Amin:
8w7 sx/so Lyndon Johnson:

8w7 sx/sp Morton Downey Jr.:
8w7 sx/sp TJ Kincaid:
8w7 sx/sp Charles Bronson (prisoner):
8w7 sx/sp Aleister Crowley: (voice)

8w7 sx/sp Lydia Lunch:


8w9 so/sp John Mongrel:
8w9 so/sp Toto Riina:
8w9 so/sp Nell McCafferty:
8w9 so/sp Ed Hanna:
8w9 so/sp Nadiya Savchenko:
8w9 so/sp Peter Ruckman:
8w9 so/sp Frank Salemme:
8w9 so/sp Yormie Johnson:

8w9 so/sx Sonny Barger:
8w9 so/sx Norman Mailer:
8w9 so/sx Joe Bonanno:
8w9 so/sx Frank Costello:
8w9 so/sx Mickey Cohen:
8w9 so/sx Albert Anastasia:
8w9 so/sx Harry Ricobene:
8w9 so/sx Tony Accardo:

8w9 sp/so Joe Stalin:
8w9 sp/so Ferdinand Marcos:
8w9 sp/so Mikhail Gorbachev:
8w9 sp/so Nicolas Maduro:
8w9 sp/so Rene Enriquez:
8w9 sp/so Ratko Mladic:
8w9 sp/so Vazgen Sargsyan:
8w9 sp/so Vyacheslav Ivankov:
8w9 sp/so Pol Pot:
8w9 sp/so Hafez Assad:
8w9 sp/so Hussein Bin Talal:
8w9 sp/so Charles Taylor:
8w9 sp/so Iva Toguri:
8w9 sp/so Ariel Sharon:

8w9 sp/sx Craig Cobb:
8w9 sp/sx Sammy Gravano:
8w9 sp/sx Anthony Casso:
8w9 sp/sx Richard Kuklinski:
8w9 sp/sx Teddy Atlas:

8w9 sx/so Saddam Hussein:
8w9 sx/so Chapo Guzman:
8w9 sx/so Dawood Ibrahim:
8w9 sx/so Robert Moses:
8w9 sx/so Sam Giancana:

8w9 sx/sp Anton Lavey:
8w9 sx/sp John Dillinger:
8w9 sx/sp Max Hardcore:
8w9 sx/sp Danny Greene:
8w9 sx/sp James Cavanagh:
8w9 sx/sp Evel Knievel:
8w9 sx/sp Francisco Bustamante:

Fictional 8s:

8w7 so/sp: O-Ren Ishii (Kill Bill 2), Frank Lucas (American Gangster), Frank White (King of New York):
8w7 so/sx: Alonzo (Training Day)
8w7 sp/so: Bill the Butcher (Gangs of NY), Dr. Kananga (Live and Let Die):
8w7 sp/sx: Mona Demarkov (Romeo is Bleeding)
8w7 sx/so: Laura (Logan), Keyser Soze (Usual Suspects)
8w7 sx/sp: Otis Driftwood (House of a 1000 Corpses), Negan (Walking Dead), Lisa (Girl Interrupted)

8w9 so/sp: Ethan Edwards (The Searchers), Joe Clark (Lean On Me):
8w9 so/sx:  Al Swearengen (Deadwood)
8w9 sp/so: Doyle Lonnegan (The Sting), Daniel Plainview (There Will Be Blood), Caesar Bandello (Little Caesar),
8w9 sp/sx: Anton Chigurh (No Country For Old Men), Len Rowan (In Broad Daylight)
8w9 sx/so: Vincent (Collateral), Marlo Stanfield (The Wire), Bill (Kill Bill)
8w9 sx/sp: Bridget Gregory (Last Seduction), Lorraine Broughton (Atomic Blonde), Reno Smith (Bad Day At Black Rock)

9w8 so/sp Joe Arpaio:
9w8 so/sp Don Imus:
9w8 so/sp Alan Dershowitz:
9w8 so/sp F Lee Bailey:
9w8 so/sp Jack Dempsey:
9w8 so/sp Chris Gathier:
9w8 so/sp Freddie Formeman:
9w8 so/sp Carlos Marcello:
9w8 so/sp Joe Jamail:
9w8 so/sp Don Shipley:
9w8 so/sp Nate "Boone" Craft:
9w8 so/sp Grace Slick:
9w8 so/sp Ronnie Allen:
9w8 so/sp Roseanne Barr:
9w8 so/sp Buddy Ryan:
9w8 so/sp Pat Buchanan:
9w8 so/sp Arn Anderson:
9w8 so/sp Ann Wolfe:
9w8 so/sp Charles Barkley:
9w8 so/sp Vinny Paz:
9w8 so/sp "Yvonne":
9w8 so/sp Christian Picciolini:
9w8 so/sp Mike Ditka:
9w8 so/sp Red Auerbach:
9w8 so/sp John Wayne:
9w8 so/sp "Friends of Jimmy":
9w8 so/sp Dan Harrington:
9w8 so/sp Clint Eastwood:
9w8 so/sp Jack Palance:
9w8 so/sp Robert Mitchum:
9w8 so/sp Roy Shaw:
9w8 so/sp Charles Bronson:
9w8 so/sp Haku:
9w8 so/sp Harley Race:
9w8 so/sp Randall "Tex" Cobb:
9w8 so/sp Russell Crowe:

9w8 so/sx Charles Bukowski:
9w8 so/sx Tom Waits:
9w8 so/sx Miles Davis:
9w8 so/sx Abel ferrara:
9w8 so/sx Keith Richards:
9w8 so/sx David Ulliot:
9w8 so/sx Neal Cassady:
9w8 so/sx Chief Keef:
9w8 so/sx Sherri Cooper:
9w8 so/sx Ringo Starr:
9w8 so/sx Mickey Munday:
9w8 so/sx Sean Connery:
9w8 so/sx Nick Nolte:
9w8 so/sx Marianne Faithful:
9w8 so/sx Anita Pallenberg:
9w8 so/sx Linda Hamilton:
9w8 so/sx Carrie Snodgress:
9w8 so/sx Iggy Pop:
9w8 so/sx Mercouri:
9w8 so/sx Bill Hicks:
9w8 so/sx Jann Arden:

9w8 sp/so Rep. Frank Lucas:
9w8 sp/so Gerald Ford:
9w8 sp/so Dwight Eisenhower:
9w8 sp/so Roy Rogers:
9w8 sp/so Clancy Brown:
9w8 sp/so Gary Morton:
9w8 sp/so Larry Holmes:
9w8 sp/so Stellan Skarsgard:
9w8 sp/so Peter Haber:
9w8 sp/so John Delorean:
9w8 sp/so Rade Serbedzija:
9w8 sp/so Ben Gazzara:
9w8 sp/so Edward G Robinson:
9w8 sp/so Karl Malden:
9w8 sp/so Ernest Borgnine:
9w8 sp/so Dave Chappelle:
9w8 sp/so Jim Brunzell:
9w8 sp/so James Earl Jones:
9w8 sp/so Telly Savalas:
9w8 sp/so Chaz Palminteri:
9w8 sp/so Frank Vincent:
9w8 sp/so George Burns:
9w8 sp/so Lewis Black:
9w8 sp/so Yaphet Kotto:
9w8 sp/so Richard Kiel:
9w8 sp/so Burt Young:
9w8 sp/so Aaron Russo:
9w8 sp/so Ed O'Ross:
9w8 sp/so Joan Allen:
9w8 sp/so Annette Funnicello:
9w8 sp/so Loni Anderson:
9w8 sp/so Judy Reyes:
9w8 sp/so Houston Nutt:
9w8 sp/so Bolo Yeung:
9w8 sp/so Linda Fiorentino:
9w8 sp/so Julie Nguyen:
9w8 sp/so Terry Gilliam:
9w8 sp/so Sally Struthers:
9w8 sp/so Judd Hirsch:
9w8 sp/so Luis Guzman:
9w8 sp/so Brian Dennehy:
9w8 sp/so Eli Wallach:
9w8 sp/so Brett Bielema:
9w8 sp/so Walter Ehlers:
9w8 sp/so Efren Reyes:
9w8 sp/so Ron Previte:
9w8 sp/so Whoopie Goldberg:
9w8 sp/so Gary Cooper:
9w8 sp/so Peter Falk:
9w8 sp/so Brian Tracy:
9w8 sp/so Charles Koch:
9w8 sp/so Ronald Reagan:
9w8 sp/so Lloyd Bridges:
9w8 sp/so Foster Friess:
9w8 sp/so Tim Russert:
9w8 sp/so Liz Phair:
9w8 sp/so Natasha Henstridge:
9w8 sp/so Selma Blair:
9w8 sp/so Kate Upton:
9w8 sp/so Missy Margera:
9w8 sp/so Michelle Monaghan:
9w8 sp/so Nancy Kerrigan:
9w8 sp/so Bob Munden:
9w8 sp/so Mike Rowe:
9w8 sp/so Aaron Yates:
9w8 sp/so Susan Boyle:
9w8 sp/so Pele:
9w8 sp/so Don Tolman:
9w8 sp/so Rip Torn:
9w8 sp/so Kris Kristofferson:
9w8 sp/so Grandma Mieska:
9w8 sp/so Todd Palin:
9w8 sp/so Emmit Smith:
9w8 sp/so Charles Dutton:
9w8 sp/so Phillip Carlo:
9w8 sp/so Ray Winstone:
9w8 sp/so Eric Von Sydow:
9w8 sp/so Joe Pyle:
9w8 sp/so Jerry Miculek:
9w8 sp/so Mario Lemieux:
9w8 sp/so Joe Pawelek:
9w8 sp/so Ron White:
9w8 sp/so Kendrick Davis:
9w8 sp/so Tony Romo:

9w8 sp/sx Josh Brolin:
9w8 sp/sx Herschel Walker:
9w8 sp/sx Matt Damon:
9w8 sp/sx Rob Mariano:
9w8 sp/sx Tim Robbins:
9w8 sp/sx Rayshana Washington:
9w8 sp/sx Josh Elliot:
9w8 sp/sx Ben Smith:
9w8 sp/sx Jean Dujardin:
9w8 sp/sx Vanna White:
9w8 sp/sx Gaspard Ulliel:
9w8 sp/sx Jon Jones:
9w8 sp/sx Kevin Costner:
9w8 sp/sx Kurt Russell:
9w8 sp/sx Sidney Crosby:
9w8 sp/sx Brad Pitt:
9w8 sp/sx Tyrone Magnus:
9w8 sp/sx Zachary Quinto:
9w8 sp/sx Alfonso Gomez:
9w8 sp/sx Ice Cube:
9w8 sp/sx Billy Bob Thornton:
9w8 sp/sx Sam Bradford:
9w8 sp/sx Paul Walker:
9w8 sp/sx Clive Owen:
9w8 sp/sx Colleen Saidman Yee:
9w8 sp/sx Johnny Cueto:
9w8 sp/sx Derrick Rose:
9w8 sp/sx Lyfe Silva:
9w8 sp/sx Shane Van Boening:
9w8 sp/sx Peter Manfredo Jr.:
9w8 sp/sx Kevin Durant:
9w8 sp/sx Patrik Antonius:
9w8 sp/sx Camillio Villegas:
9w8 sp/sx Jeremy Roenick:
9w8 sp/sx Madison Bumgamer:
9w8 sp/sx Sam Rockwell:
9w8 sp/sx Matthew McConaughey:
9w8 sp/sx Woody Harrelson:
9w8 sp/sx Daniel Ricciardo:
9w8 sp/sx Jase Robertson:
9w8 sp/sx Billy Zane:
9w8 sp/sx Javiar Bardem:
9w8 sp/sx Josh Hartnett:
9w8 sp/sx Jason Momoa:
9w8 sp/sx Jared Padalecki:
9w8 sp/sx Chris Hemsworth:
9w8 sp/sx Channing Tatum:
9w8 sp/sx Neve Campbell:
9w8 sp/sx Clay Honeycutt:
9w8 sp/sx Taylor Kitsch:
9w8 sp/sx J.B. Mauney:
9w8 sp/sx Kevin Bacon:
9w8 sp/sx Gerard Butler:
9w8 sp/sx Anne Hathaway:
9w8 sp/sx Sarah Shahi:
9w8 sp/sx Rebecca Hall:
9w8 sp/sx Abbie Cornish:

9w8 sx/so Carlos Condit:
9w8 sx/so Paige Vanzant:
9w8 sx/so Anderson Silva:
9w8 sx/so Jeanette Lee:
9w8 sx/so Rose Namajunas:
9w8 sx/so Alecia Moore:
9w8 sx/so Lady of Rage:
9w8 sx/so Steve Borden:
9w8 sx/so Lisa Sparxxx:
9w8 sx/so Rachel Robinson:
9w8 sx/so Lennox Lewis:
9w8 sx/so Gina Carano:
9w8 sx/so Selena Gomez:
9w8 sx/so Miesha Tate:
9w8 sx/so Blake Lively:
9w8 sx/so HP:
9w8 sx/so Drea De Matteo:
9w8 sx/so Devon Larratt:

9w8 sx/sp Lousine Gevorkian:
9w8 sx/sp Karen Noyes:
9w8 sx/sp Brandon Browner:
9w8 sx/sp Usain Bolt:
9w8 sx/sp Dereck Chisora:
9w8 sx/sp Timothy Lambesis:
9w8 sx/sp Evil J:
9w8 sx/sp Zakk Wylde:
9w8 sx/sp John McPhee:
9w8 sx/sp Dan Bilzerian:
9w8 sx/sp Lzzy Hale:
9w8 sx/sp Flo Mounier:
9w8 sx/sp Sean Reinert:
9w8 sx/sp Jennifer Barretta:
9w8 sx/sp Brodus "Tyrus" Clay:
9w8 sx/sp K Michelle:
9w8 sx/sp BJ Penn:
9w8 sx/sp Larry Pollock:
9w8 sx/sp Tim Hague:
9w8 sx/sp Wayne Rooney:
9w8 sx/sp Damien Duff:
9w8 sx/sp Maria Brink:
9w8 sx/sp Tairrie B.:
9w8 sx/sp Courtney Laplante:


9w1 so/sp Pierre Trudeau:
9w1 so/sp Ayatollah Khomeini:
9w1 so/sp Osama Bin Laden:
9w1 so/sp David Duke:
9w1 so/sp Keith Raniere:
9w1 so/sp Bashar Assad:
9w1 so/sp Malcolm X:
9w1 so/sp Lee Harvey Oswald:
9w1 so/sp Lynette Fromme:
9w1 so/sp Timothy McVeigh:
9w1 so/sp Che Guevara:
9w1 so/sp Ho Chi Minh:
9w1 so/sp Joseph Kony:
9w1 so/sp Fred Hampton:
9w1 so/sp Patrisse Cullors:
9w1 so/sp Malcolm Shabazz:
9w1 so/sp Jan Helfeld:
9w1 so/sp Jesse Lee Peterson:
9w1 so/sp Alexander Litvinenko:

9w1 so/sx Rita Rudner:
9w1 so/sx Rosanna Arquette:
9w1 so/sx Emma Mae:
9w1 so/sx Leslie Feist:
9w1 so/sx Melanie Laurent:
9w1 so/sx Felicia Day:
9w1 so/sx Jacqueline McKenzie:
9w1 so/sx Donny Osmond:
9w1 so/sx Karen Gillan:
9w1 so/sx Amy Acker:
9w1 so/sx Matthew Broderick:
9w1 so/sx
Susan Cain:
9w1 so/sx Veronica Maggio:
9w1 so/sx Nina Germain:
9w1 so/sx Anne Parillaud:
9w1 so/sx Rachel Fleit:
9w1 so/sx Tamar Kaprielian:
9w1 so/sx Kelly Frammel:
9w1 so/sx Alan Cumming:
9w1 so/sx Mark Almond:
9w1 so/sx Keith Beukelaer:
9w1 so/sx Mary Roach:

9w1 sp/so Peter Mandelson:
9w1 sp/so Jacob Rees-Mogg:
9w1 sp/so James Rosen:
9w1 sp/so Gregory Peck:
9w1 sp/so Gore Vidal:
9w1 sp/so James Comey:
9w1 sp/so Tim White:
9w1 sp/so Colin Powell:
9w1 sp/so Tony Benn:
9w1 sp/so Kent Brantly:
9w1 sp/so Nun S. Amen Ra:
9w1 sp/so George Will:
9w1 sp/so Mahatma Ghandi:
9w1 sp/so Al Gore:
9w1 sp/so Matt Slick:
9w1 sp/so Carla Del Ponte:
9w1 sp/so George McGovern:
9w1 sp/so Lee Doren:
9w1 sp/so Alan Keyes:
9w1 sp/so Jim Dickson:
9w1 sp/so Belvin Perry:
9w1 sp/so Charles Cook:
9w1 sp/so Jerry Springer:
9w1 sp/so Karl Rove:
9w1 sp/so Joe Clements:
9w1 sp/so Christopher Monckton:
9w1 sp/so Russ Feingold:
9w1 sp/so Martha Coakley:
9w1 sp/so Orville Redenbacher:
9w1 sp/so Michael Dukakis:
9w1 sp/so John Whittingdale:
9w1 sp/so Maude Barlow:
9w1 sp/so Thaddeus McCotter:
9w1 sp/so Wolf Blitzer:
9w1 sp/so Jeb Bush:
9w1 sp/so Laura Bush:
9w1 sp/so Alan Grayson:
9w1 sp/so Lamar Alexander:
9w1 sp/so Bill De Blasio:
9w1 sp/so Brit Hume:
9w1 sp/so Charlie Rose:
9w1 sp/so Emmanuel Macron:
9w1 sp/so Colin Hansen:
9w1 sp/so Otto Warmbier:
9w1 sp/so Irina Tweedie:
9w1 sp/so Lincoln Chafee:
9w1 sp/so Barack Obama:
9w1 sp/so Ron Howard:
9w1 sp/so Gary North:
9w1 sp/so Ralph Nader:
9w1 sp/so Christine Lagarde:
9w1 sp/so Paul Ryan:
9w1 sp/so Julia Child:
9w1 sp/so John Thune:
9w1 sp/so Rory Stewart:
9w1 sp/so Bruce Babbitt:
9w1 sp/so T. Berry Brazelton:
9w1 sp/so Angela Merkel:
9w1 sp/so Helen Caldicott:
9w1 sp/so Anne Widdecombe:
9w1 sp/so Charlie Kirk:
9w1 sp/so John Kerry:
9w1 sp/so Ted Koppel:

9w1 sp/sx Jimmy Stewart:
9w1 sp/sx Paul Auster:
9w1 sp/sx Conrad Bain:
9w1 sp/sx Paul Allen:
9w1 sp/sx Leo Kottke:
9w1 sp/sx John Krasinski:
9w1 sp/sx Alex Lifeson:
9w1 sp/sx Alan Moore:
9w1 sp/sx Michael Schumacher:
9w1 sp/sx Dustin Hoffman:
9w1 sp/sx Chad Kroeger:
9w1 sp/sx James Gleick:
9w1 sp/sx Hugh Grant:
9w1 sp/sx Michael Medved:
9w1 sp/sx Bill Pullman:
9w1 sp/sx Kevin Shields:
9w1 sp/sx Brian May:
9w1 sp/sx Ralph Macchio:
9w1 sp/sx Kyle Eschen:
9w1 sp/sx Zach Braff:
9w1 sp/sx Fedor Holz:
9w1 sp/sx Helen Hunt:
9w1 sp/sx Andie macdowell:
9w1 sp/sx Eilera:
9w1 sp/sx Myf Shepherd:
9w1 sp/sx William Fichtner:
9w1 sp/sx Louise Lombard:
9w1 sp/sx Julie Stoffer:
9w1 sp/sx David Gilmour:
9w1 sp/sx Gilbert Arenas:
9w1 sp/sx Jennifer Connelly:
9w1 sp/sx Megan Phelps:
9w1 sp/sx Fatima Robinson:
9w1 sp/sx William Fichtner:
9w1 sp/sx Jay Baruchel:
9w1 sp/sx Joseph Rael:
9w1 sp/sx Michael Crook:
9w1 sp/sx George Lucas:
9w1 sp/sx David Gates:
9w1 sp/sx Peter Frampton:

9w1 sx/so Riley Reid:
9w1 sx/so Nikki Reed:
9w1 sx/so Lorde:
9w1 sx/so Kate Bush:
9w1 sx/so Diana Ross:
9w1 sx/so Kobra Paige:
9w1 sx/so Lauren Ambrose:
9w1 sx/so Camilla Belle:
9w1 sx/so Jhene Aiko:
9w1 sx/so Shirley Manson:
9w1 sx/so Sara McLachLan:

9w1 sx/sp Daryl Hanna:
9w1 sx/sp River Phoenix:
9w1 sx/sp Wolfie Blackheart:
9w1 sx/sp Leslie Rankin:
9w1 sx/sp Brad Renfro:
9w1 sx/sp Corey Haim:
9w1 sx/sp Jan Michael Vincent:

Fictional 9s:

9w8 so/sp: Frank (Once Upon A Time In The West), Gunslinger (The Dark Tower)
9w8 so/sx: Mickey (Snatch), Clifford Worley (True Romance), Logan (X-men)
9w8 sp/so: Jeff Bailey (Out of the Past), Chewbacca (Last Jedi), Leon (the Professional)
9w8 sp/sx: Finn (The Last Jedi)
9w8 sx/so: Gretchen Morgan (Prison Break), Chris (Get Out)
9w8 sx/sp: Rocky Balboa (Rocky), Chaney (Hard Times)

9w1 so/sp: Hans Landa (Inglorious Bastards)
9w1 so/sx: Glinda (Wizard of Oz),
9w1 sp/so: Jefferson Smith (Mr Smith Goes to Washington), Obi Wan Kanobi (Star Wars)
9w1 sp/sx: Will Cane (High Noon),
9w1 sx/so: Amelie Poulain (Amelie), Debora (Baby Driver)
9w1 sx/sp: Marty (Bully)